Make It & Take It Hour – Tues, Feb 23

Price SD: $1,825.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 3 of 5: $1,725.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 5 of 7: $1,625.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price Virtual: $950.00

The “Big Heads & Beats Virtual Caricature Art Party Experience” brings not only one of the top Digital Caricature artists in North America but also a Live Drumming DJ playing all the hits right to your Virtual Platform! With multiple artists on staff we are able to service small or larger groups and deliver Individual and/or Group Caricatures all including school branding and/or theme!


Spotlight Showcase – Tues, Feb 23

Price SD: $1,775.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 3 of 5: $1,525.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 5 of 7: $1,325.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price Virtual: $1,575.00

Jaylene Clark Owens is a Philly resident from Harlem, NY. She is a highly acclaimed poet, as well as an AUDELCO and Barrymore Award winning actress. Jaylene competed in the Apollo Theater Amateur Night competition, in which she won 1st place for her spoken word poem, “SoHa.” She advanced three times in the competition, ending as a finalist in the Super Top Dog competition. She is proudly one of the co-writers of Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale, the award winning, spoken word infused play about gentrification in Harlem. Her debut book of poetry, AfroPoetic, is now available on her website. Her poem, “My Voice, My Choice” was a runner-up in the 2018 Button Poetry Video Contest. Jaylene’s poetry is powerful, engaging, and her performance combines elements of her background as a professional actress. She aims to captivate, motivate, and educate her audience with her spoken word poetry.


Spotlight Showcase – Wed, Feb 24

Price SD: $1,500.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 3 of 5: $1,325.00 + Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 5 of 7: $1,225.00 + Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price Virtual: $1,025.00

Ebo Barton is a Black and Filipino, Transgender and Non-Binary, poet and educator. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington by way of Los Angeles, California.  As a representative of Seattle, they’ve been on 4 National Slam Teams and participated at 3 Individual World Poetry Slams.  Their most notable poetry slam accolade is placing 5th in the world in 2016.  Ebo curated and directed, How to Love THIS Queer Body of Color: An Unapology and wrote and directed the award-winning play, Rising Up.  Their work touches on political issues from a personal point of view and often is birthed from the struggles of living in the identities that they are. Ebo believes in the power of language and art as a tool for revolution.

Ebo’s virtual program consists of a poetry reading with questions to spark discussion, promote change and action, and encourage self-reflection.  Followed by a Q&A.  


Spotlight Showcase – Wed, Feb 24

Price SD: $2,025.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 3 of 5: $1,875.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 5 of 7: $1,625.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price Virtual: $1,475.00

Gently nourish your body and mind with Two Deep Breaths: a Gentle Yoga & Live Music Getaway. 

This 60 minute event combines live music, yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations. Carefully crafted to promote a sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and creative expression.

This virtual experience will encourage a sense of community through an interactive music performance and gentle yoga session. Afterwards, participants will feel rested, refreshed, and better equipped with self-care tools to help cultivate calm moments every day.

Shanice Green is a full time musician and registered yoga instructor. She earned her Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. She specializes in Chakra Healing through yoga, music, crystals, and positive affirmations.


Trending Interactive Programs – Thrs, Feb 25

Price SD: $2,675.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 3 of 5: $2,225.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 5 of 7: $2,100.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price Virtual: $1,650.00

With a capacity of 500 and a variety of themes to choose from, a virtual escape room event is a perfect alternative when an in person event is not feasible. Our virtual escape room team handles every aspect of the event for you, from registering players, hosting the zoom meeting, interacting with guests, giving hints and clues, and debriefing at the conclusion. Virtual Escape Rooms have proven to be popular events across the country! Over 400 escape room events have served more than 20,000 participants and with new themes being added often, schools book multiple events throughout the semester.


Spotlight Showcase – Fri, Feb 26

Price SD: $1,425.00 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 3 of 5: $1,225.00 + Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price 5 of 7: $1,125.00 + Lodging, Lights, Sound
Price Virtual: $1,275.00 + Lodging, Lights, Sound

Gianmarco Soresi is a NY based stand-up comedian, actor and creator. His stand-up has been featured on Netflix’s Bonding, PBS’s Stories from the Stage, Real Housewives of New York (really), and he was the winner of Amazon’s Comics Watching Comics (Season 8). His first comedy special “Shelf Life”, directed by Emmy award winner Andy Buck, is now available on Amazon Prime and was cited by NPR as a 2020 Comedy Special Recommendation. He also has a dedicated following on TikTok, where he has accumulated 106,000 followers and nearly 8 million likes.

As an actor, Gianmarco has appeared opposite Jennifer Lopez in the movie Hustlers, TBS’s The Last OG with Tracy Morgan, CBS’s Blue Bloods, ABC’s Deception, and will be seen in the upcoming Billy Crystal/Tiffany Haddish film Here Today.


Presented by Shaun Boothe

PRICE SD: $3025 + Lodging, Lights, Sound
PRICE 3 of 5: $2725 + Lodging, Lights, Sound
PRICE 5 of 7: $2425 + Lodging, Lights, Sound

This is a program celebrating diversity, encouraging empathy and humanity, all while honoring the greatest cultural icons of our times.

In this powerful presentation, Shaun uses biographical rap songs from his Unauthorized Biography Series to celebrate and examine the lives of some of our most influential human rights and social justice activists. 

Shaun’s message is relevant and consistent with our current state of affairs, where we are all at once experiencing a collective awakening to the racial injustices deeply woven into the fabric of our society.
EMPOWERMENT is a prominent theme in this
presentation.  There is currently great tension, anger, and discomfort in the conversations surrounding racial inequities. The intention is not to sidestep this important dialogue, but to use one of the most powerful tools we have to bring people together during such challenging times – MUSIC! 
Repackaging history through hip hop, Shaun skillfully embarks on an explorative journey using music, multimedia, and motivation to extract the life lessons and universal truths galvanized by the lives of our greatest heroes. These are the lessons that will bring us together to create a world we all desire – a world we all deserve.


PRICE SD: $1975 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
PRICE 3 of 5: $1825 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound
PRICE 5 of 7: $1675 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound

Choose your own game show puts the power in your students hands!!!  This is a game show night where the students themselves vote and decided which game show will be played! All of the students log on ready to play and then a poll is put out to the students consisting of the game shows we offer and they vote as to which game show they would like to play on that night!  The game that gets the most votes wins and is the game that will be played!  The game show options included are:  Free Money Game Show, Showbiz Quiz, Cell Phone Smackdown, Playlist Bingo and Total Trivia!  And where this event goes to the next level is that once the game show is chosen students then get to vote on the category or theme for that particular game!  We have many different Playlist Bingo themes and many different categories and subjects for our Trivia games.  This is the event that truly gives the students what they want! 


PRICE: $3500 for All 3 Programs!

Presented by Collegiate Empowerment

The Resilience Package consists of three programs to help your students build resilience and recognize their own potential during these unprecedented times. GRIT, Bouncing back from Covid-19 and Being Broke Sucks gives students a new outlook on recovering from challenges in order to move toward a bigger future. 



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