Live streamed virtual interactive events have become a great option, addition, and alternative for many events.  Great for events when audience members are in many locations, you need big programs on a small budget, or a combination of both!  
Neon Entertainment offers a large range of virtual live streamed live entertainment from entertainers & game shows to leadership speakers.  The flexibility of these programs allows events to easily switch from engaging your participants from their own locations across the world to allowing participants to take part in the event together in person on a large screen or both. We also offer a wide variety of Do-It-Yourself programs that will allow additional flexibility and cost savings. 
See why these programs are the answer to an evolving entertainment world.
Virtual Game Shows
Make & Takes
Escape Rooms
Virtual Live Entertainment
Ship to you events
Health & Wellness
Diversity & Inclusion

Our Customers

Game Shows

“We were extremely pleased with the event! The host’s banter and the graphics were really great and were always right on cue!”

— Ball State University

Virtual Programs

We just finished our first game show and it was great! So easy and the production value was fantastic!

— Vicki Brown, Herkimer College

Virtual Escape Rooms

“The escape room went really well last night! Our team had a blast trying to figure out all the puzzles and I have heard a good deal of positive feedback from other students I have talked to. Mike and his team took care of everything.”

— Josh Olszewski, Central Michigan University

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