Our roster of speakers cover a variety of topics including Title IX, alcohol awareness, communication skills, team building, career development and making the most out of your college experience.



An entire generation of students is being left behind, but it doesn’t have to be yours. This workshop will give your students the practical tools, daily practices, and interpersonal skills required to thrive in the virtual world of college and beyond.

Brian Miller

“Brian was great, one of my favorite virtual performances we’ve hosted so far! He was really engaging!”

— Cara White, University of Delaware


Beyond Networking is a workshop to teach students how to communicate effectively and make meaningful connections in a virtual world.

College life is going to be different for a while. As the saying goes, whether you think it’s good or bad, you’re right.

Why not make the most of it?

Human connection specialist Brian Miller is a former magician turned author, international speaker, and podcast host. His book Three New People was praised by Publishers Weekly for “brilliantly outlining a system for deepening relationships.” His podcast Beyond Networking recently cracked the Top 200 under ‘Careers’ on Apple. And his TEDx talk “How to Magically Connect with Anyone” has been viewed over 3 million times worldwide.

Leveraging masterful storytelling, interactive magic, and innovative virtual breakout rooms, Brian will lead your students through a series of engaging and practical exercises in human connection, designed specifically for the virtual world.


  • Recognizing racial inequities
  • Encourage empathy and humanity 
  • Encoruage an important dialogue  regarding racial and human right injustices
  • To motivate participants through biographical life lessons
  • Recognize the impact cultural and historical icons have in the world we live in today.

Shaun Boothe

“Shaun [Boothe] was amazing! He had a wonderful performance, and all of the students that attended had nothing but positive things to say! I can safely say he directly impacted the life of a friend of mine from Uganda, who is trying to begin a career in music. They had an amazing conversation at the end of the show, and he walked away with a lot of knowledge from Shaun that I’m sure he’ll put to good use!”

— Dwight Keogh, Linfield College


This is a program celebrating diversity, encouraging empathy and humanity, all while honoring the greatest cultural icons of our times.

In this powerful presentation, Shaun uses biographical rap songs from his Unauthorized Biography Series to celebrate and examine the lives of some of our most influential human rights and social justice activists. 

Shaun’s message is relevant and consistent with our current state of affairs, where we are all at once experiencing a collective awakening to the racial injustices deeply woven into the fabric of our society.

EMPOWERMENT is a prominent theme in this presentation.  There is currently great tension, anger, and discomfort in the conversations surrounding racial inequities. The intention is not to sidestep this important dialogue, but to use one of the most powerful tools we have to bring people together during such challenging times - MUSIC! 
Repackaging history through hip hop, Shaun skillfully embarks on an explorative journey using music, multimedia, and motivation to extract the life lessons and universal truths galvanized by the lives of our greatest heroes. These are the lessons that will bring us together to create a world we all desire - a world we all deserve.
This presentation is customizable and can feature a combination of cultural icons such as Muhammad Ali, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai and Bob Marley.



  • Why people do what they do (AKA – why they will or will not attend your events)
  • What you may be doing that tells students “Not to attend” and don’t even know it
  • The 3 things that you need to do at every event that will boost campus engagement nearly instantly
  • The #1 reason virtual events fail and what you can do to change that
  • How to continue (or start) growing your clubs and organizations virtually.

Mike Fritz

“Mike [Fritz] did a great job. He had the students laughing and then learning. He also stayed after and engaged with our students.”

— Rosalinda Martinez, Student Activities Coordinator, Wabonsee Community College


 Are you having trouble getting people to attend and engage in your virtual events?  Are you constantly losing people to the Netflix and Hulu binge nights?  Are you working hard to put on a virtual event only to see a handful of people show up? If so, Virtual Campus Engagement (VCE) would be a great fit for your campus.

VCE provides your student leaders with the online marketing techniques it takes to instantly increase virtual event attendance and then leverage those events to build the number of student leaders you have on campus.  Student engagement is not only about event attendance, we must give students the option to take the next step once they attend. But how do we do that?

Every time you have a virtual event it is a chance to add people to your clubs and organizations on campus.  But most students and advisors are so excited that people showed up that they forget to take attendee to its desired next step – engagement!  I have spoken at countless events in which there was great attendance but no next step was offered.  On the flip side, I’ve been to even MORE events where there were very few people in attendance at all; leaving the team feeling like failures.

The VCE program gives you the tools and techniques you need to change that.  To put virtual marketing in place so that you aren’t constantly losing out to Netlflix and Hulu; and to have seamless offerings and transitions so that students can take the next and become the engaged leaders we know they can be.


  • Lead the discussion with funny, wild, and thought-provoking prompts each week;

  • Take questions about campus life, social engagement, and work-life balance;

  • Leverage innovative virtual breakout rooms for your students to make new friends and build meaningful connections.

Brian Miller

“Brian was great, one of my favorite virtual performances we’ve hosted so far! He was really engaging!”

— Cara White, University of Delaware


Campus Connections is an 8-week ongoing program to support students in a smooth transition to college life in the virtual world.

There’s no doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Entering college has always been an unsettling time for students, and it just got even scarier.

Students are asking lots of important questions right now:

Can I still have the college social life I’ve always dreamed of?

How do I find a support group to help me when I feel overwhelmed?

Will there even be job prospects waiting for me on the other side of this?

Enter human connection specialist Brian Miller. A former professional magician turned, author, international speaker, and podcast host, Brian is offering your students the opportunity of a lifetime.

Join dozens of students from not just your school, but up to 10 schools for a weekly 1-hour group video conference. 


  • Don’t be stupid…it’s about knowing who you are to make better choices
  • Eliminate hangovers…learn how a six pack of beer is equivalent to six pounds of bleu cheese
  • Reduce your bar bill…discover the best places to drink & why you’re going there
  • Avoid the freshman 15…figure out when a lot becomes too much
  • Get a better buzz…know why you are drinking so you’re not forced into it
  • Design a drinking plan…your five-step plan for maximizing your buzz

Maximize Your Buzz

“This is by far one of the best programs I have seen and I’ve been in this business for a long, long time. I want to thank Collegiate Empowerment for coming to St. Francis and truly inspiring our students. The message and talking about who they are was the best part. It wasn’t boring; it wasn’t your straight, stand there at a podium talk about the evils of drinking.” [Max Buzz]

— Dom Peruso, Associate Dean of Students, Saint Francis University


“Alcohol Is Not About Drinking; It’s About Who You Are!”

Since 1993, Harvard School Of Public Health has consistently found that 44% of college students are binge drinkers. Why is it that college students think going on a beer run is exercise? Why is their BAC (blood alcohol content) higher than their GPA? Why do they encourage others who have just thrown up to continue drinking?

Let’s face it: traditional alcohol education doesn’t work. That’s why this seminar is not performed by recovering alcoholics – because you don’t visit a sick person to get health advice. This seminar is the first step to changing behaviors by shifting perceptions: “Alcohol Is Not About Drinking; It’s About Who You Are.” If you HATE lectures, you’ll LOVE this!

This is a seminar about personal values. “Don’t Drink” is not a part of our strategy. Rather, we encourage the students to understand who they are and what’s most important to them. Reduce the negative impact of binge drinking on your campus with this positive approach to find your deeper burning yes and Maximize Your Buzz!


  • Discover the characteristics of resilience.
  • Learn to make your future bigger than your past.
  • Avoid getting caught in “the Valley of Despair.”
  • Focus on creating new capabilities.
  • Transform future obstacles into opportunities.
  • Define your vision for the future beyond COVID.
  • Gain insights for action to increase productivity.
  • Become literate in the world of money and deepen your understanding of financial principles.
  • Control debt and learn what things really cost over their lifetime as we play with real numbers.


Presented by Collegiate Empowerment

The Resilience Package consists of three programs to help your students build resilience and recognize their own potential during these unprecedented times. GRIT, Bouncing back from Covid-19 and Being Broke Sucks gives students a new outlook on recovering from challenges in order to move toward a bigger future. 



Collegiate Empowerment is an Educational Production Company that helps college students get what they want and need by facilitating high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun shows, seminars, conferences, and retreats from orientation to graduation.  


  • Get educated and empowered to open up the conversation and act on it
  • Learn to prevent assault on both sides – for victims and possible assailants
  • Learn the tools to manage the impact of sexual assault
  • Clearly recognize hazardous situations before they begin
  • Understand how to effectively care for someone who has been impacted by assault and know where to go on campus for help
  • Gain awareness and define personal boundaries

Zero Shades of Gray

“Zero Shades is an amazing program! We cannot imagine the Big E Welcome [for 2,000 students] without it. You helped us give our students exactly what we needed to give them. It also started a great conversation with our intervention team staff (the police, counseling center, advisors, etc.) to prevent assaults from happening. Nothing but good things to say!”

— The Intervention Team, Eastern Kentucky University


The “perfect blend” of education and entertainment for Title IX Compliance.

Imagine a sexual assault conversation that isn’t a scare tactic or boring podium lecture packed full of statistics. Imagine an experience that isn’t focused on the victim, but rather preventing assault in the first place. Imagine a session where counselors don’t need to be standing outside the door because participants don’t feel uncomfortable with the topic.

Now imagine no more. Zero Shades of Gray applies the Collegiate Empowerment best practices of delivering a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun experience that is totally relevant and hits the biggest points of how to approach sexual assault on campus. Yes, students will appreciate—and even enjoy—a sexual assault seminar. Imagine that.

The Campus SAVE Act of 2013 mandates that higher education institutions must educate students on the prevention of rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This kind of programming especially needs to be empowering and enjoyable or the information won’t stick…and that’s what we’ve got for you!

Zero Shades Of Gray sets the tone that sexual assault is black and white. There are no disclaimers, no clauses, and no fine print when it comes to how people feel about being sexually assaulted or raped. It’s serious to the victim, and this seminar helps students understand that this isn’t a victim problem, it’s a problem on all levels.

Widely considered as the “perfect blend” of education and empowerment for Title IX compliance and sexual assault prevention, your students will leave having had a great time, as well as equipped with safe practices for better decision-making. Let’s change behaviors by shifting perceptions: Assault is not a women’s issue, or a men’s issue, it’s a human issue.


  • How to hold an effective virtual meeting
  • How to effectively and efficiently communicate with team members 
  • How to create and manage tasks and to do lists
  • How to make sure you don’t lose momentum as a team between meetings
  • How to use the “Mastermind” technique in order to come up with better ideas and implement them
  • How to create a positive culture virtually
  • And much more.

Mike Fritz

“Mike [Fritz] did a great job. He had the students laughing and then learning. He also stayed after and engaged with our students.”

— Rosalinda Martinez, Student Activities Coordinator, Wabonsee Community College


Building a successful team is one of the most powerful things you can do to accomplish your teams mission on your campus.  But how do you do that virtually?  How to keep your team engaged in the mission, excited about the mission and personally committed to the mission when you aren’t able to meet in person?

That’s exact what Build a Better Virtual Team teaches you and your student leaders.

The are 7 guiding principles that build this user friendly program.  It provides your students with specific action steps that they can apply immediate in order to reinvigorate their team and get them headed in a single direction.  The greatest weakness of virtual team is how easily they splinter and lose focus.  But if you implement these 7 steps into your campus leadership team you and your team will have exactly what you need to set and reach your goals on campus.

This program is exactly what you need if you are seeking to build your team virtually.

Let’s get this program to your campus soon!

Michael Dean Ester

“Michael [Dean Ester] was amazing. I laughed the entire time. I would recommend him to any college. He is a fun energetic performer that has a great message to students and has his own way of expressing it. ”

— Idaho State University


“The Reason You’re Here!” (aka “The Reason You’re Home Watching What You Should Be Seeing Live Here!”) This virtual orientation event will deliver a core message: College is an opportunity to develop your skills and interests into a dream career. The more value you add to others, the more your skills will be in demand. The most successful profession is the one that adds purpose to your life and value to the lives of others.

The event will be a multimedia presentation built around Michael’s proven tongue-in-cheek campus comedy, timely advice for newly minted college students, and the nationally recognized leadership training of John Maxwell. Michael is a certified leadership teacher and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. The goal of this event is to help young people transition from high school graduation, the official finish line of childhood, to new student orientation, the starting line for adult life and a lifelong career journey. #DoYourThing!


  • Learning these skills will help with forging more emotional and sensory relationships online
  • Assessment of your own gut feelings while navigating the virtual world will be enhanced
  • Being able too feel what relationships are right for you to pursue in any life area without having to meet someone in person
  • More confident decision making online 

Marisa Liza Pell

“The event went well! The show was more intimate than expected, however this allowed the guests the opportunity for a more personalized reading and the feedback has been positive. Marisa [Liza Pell] was great to work with…easy to communicate with and very flexible. Thank you so much for your help…”

— University of Wyoming


Do people feel a little more distant these days? Is it hard to go from face to face meetings and hang outs to seeing everyone online?

Learning how to develop and enhance your innate intuitive abilities can help!

Marisa Liza Pell is a leading expert in the field of intuition and development (see bio). As the founder of the Knowledge For Living Intuitive Development Program, she has trained, certified and graduated some of the best psychic and mediumship talent in the country! 

In this seminar you will learn:
– The fundamentals of Intuition
– Your own personal talent and strength
– Exercises to enhance intuition including photo reading, body language assessment, and using focal tools to get more information without a person even being present!



  • Open Discussion about responsible drinking

  • explore the outcomes of excessive drinking and use of addictive substances 
  • encourage students to make the best choices possible

  • Reinforce specific details that pertain to your school and its policies

Hypnotic Intoxication

“[Hypnotic Intoxication] with Keith… went SO, SO, SO GOOD!! He was wonderful, as always – but, we had a great crowd, too… I really appreciate your flexibility and how easy it is to work with Neon.”

— Heather B. Barnhart, Hagerstown Community College


Hypnotic Intoxication Virtual Edition is a two-session program presented/hosted by Hypnotist Keith Karkut. The first session will be held virtually and the second session will be held at a time when your school returns to live events on campus.

In the first session, Keith Karkut will lead an open discussion about responsible drinking, including sharing both his personal experiences with alcohol and the way it has affected his life as well as by presenting powerful survey questions developed over many years for his live Hypnotic Intoxication program.

Utilizing streaming technology, he will interact with your students and will also utilize videos and his personal story to reinforce his message. He will discuss the true powers of utilizing the mind to its utmost potential that will be used in session two encouraging your students to attend. The students that participate in session one will be sent a personal invitation to participate in the second session.

The second session will be held live. At the beginning of the live event, Keith Karkut will present the data from the first session to reinforce his message. He will then invite people up in stage to participate in his live hypnosis show. At the conclusion of the show, he will serve bottled water and convince the participants that it’s their favorite alcohol. This will result in one student “passing out”, thus creating a powerful display that will reinforce Karkut’s alcohol message. After the participants are taken out of hypnosis, Karkut ties everything together with a powerful message that will encourage the students to rethink some of their decisions and realize what their future holds.


  • Participants learn to use their nervousness to their advantage
  • Participants learn how to best deal with rejection
  • Partipcants learn to run their own business in an honest and honorable way
  • and so much more

Virtual Programs

The Escape Room was amazing! Everyone had a lot of fun with this event. Great job!

— Justine Shelton, Davenport University


People go to college for many reasons.  Some focus on the social atmosphere, living on their own, and the variety of cool events they can now attend.  Students really appreciate attending events that are different, fun, and also teach them how to earn money.

Here’s a workshop idea that will give students information that most people will never have access to and one that can change their lives. It did for Aaron Marcus.

Aaron Marcus is an America’s Premier Acting and Modeling Career Coach. Aaron shares his experiences as a full-time working actor and commercial model (modeling for “real” looking people) for more than 30 years and over 1,200 bookings so far.

You have seen Aaron in his recurring role on the Netflix show House of Cards,  and numerous projects including: Mr. Robot, Gotham, Halt and Catch Fire, Rectify, The Wire, Law & Order: CI, McDonald’s, AT&T, Marriott, Nationwide Insurance and Project Almanac. 

Aaron’s success as a professional actor has led him to write How to Become a Successful Actor and Model, with nearly 100 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

Aaron has helped hundreds of people successfully break into the industry by offering his “Book the Job” workshop more than 700 times spanning 3 continents.

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