We’ve created a list of popular programs for the season. Our Trending Programs can be anything from themed events to in-demand showcasing acts. Are you looking for a specific Holiday program or do you need some help brainstorming for your next event? We have just what you need.

DON’T LET THOSE FUNDS GO TO WASTE!  An unprecedented and unpredictable year has made budgeting a challenge for many and now that we’re at the end of the Spring semester you may be finding yourself with some funds that you don’t know what to do with and don’t want to let go to waste.  DIY Drop Ship programs are a great way to stretch those budget dollars as far as they can go.  Use up
A GUIDE TO PROGRAMMING BY MONTH Every month it seems you’re looking for programming to fit a specific theme or that covers an important topic.  We want to make that task easier for you so we’ve provided a guide to all of your favorite traditional programs organized by the month they best fit into.  Scroll to check them all out, or click a month below.     Trending Topics Don’t Let Those Funds Go To Waste
8 WAYS TO CELEBRATE YOUR GRADS Graduates always deserve to be celebrated.  They’ve put in the time and hard work to successfully earn their degree and begin their journey into the real world.  But, our 2021 grads have faced added challenges as they’ve navigated through a year of virtual or hybrid learning and all of the additional obstacles the pandemic has brought their way.  Don’t they deserve a an opportunity to create some extra special
APRIL PROGRAMMING MUSTS: ALCOHOL AWARENESS & SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS The month of April brings our focus to two very important topics in the college community: Alcohol Awareness and Sexual Assault Awareness.  Getting the importance of alcohol safety and assault awareness across to your students in a thought provoking, meaningful and memorable way are all key in the effectiveness of the message.  Neon Entertainment provides programming for both of these imperative subjects.  Check them out below
UTILIZING YOUR OUTDOOR SPACES  CREATIVELY Being outdoors gives us so much more opportunity to program creatively and safely.  Fresh air, open spaces, fire pits, food trucks and of course, ENTERTAINMENT make for a memorable event!  Think festivals, downtown streets, or your favorite pier and how you can transform your campus streets, the quad, an open parking lot or tennis courts into those iconic spots with plug & play musicians, street performers, silent discos, portable roller
COMING IN HOT Spring is coming in HOT…despite what the groundhog may have predicted.  So, it’s time to get your Spring programming under way.  Indoor or outdoor, in-person, virtual or even hybrid, we’ve got you covered!  Check out some of our favorite Spring events below and be sure to contact your Neon Entertainment agent for availability & booking! Trending Topics Don’t Let Those Funds Go To Waste ProgramsByMonth 8 Ways To Celebrate Your Grads Alcohol
MID SEMESTER WELLNESS CHECK  The Spring Semester is always a little overwhelming and stressful, especially for those seniors preparing to turn in final papers and take the last exams of their college careers.  And this year has been no exception.  But, you can become the hero in this seemingly neverending story.  Wellness programming like our Two Deep Breaths+, “Beat”Boxing, Relaxation Program  and more can help give your students the opportunity to re-set and re-new their
VIRTUAL NACA LIVE 2021 SHOWCASING ACTS Trending Topics Don’t Let Those Funds Go To Waste ProgramsByMonth 8 Ways To Celebrate Your Grads Alcohol Awareness & Sexual Assault Awareness Month Outdoor Programming: Street Performers & More 4-5-21 Coming In HOT For Spring MidSemester Wellness 3-15-21 VIRTUAL NACA LIVE 2021 SHOWCASING ACTS Good Clean Fun 2-15-21 Food And Fun This March 2-1-21 What You May Have Missed and What Not To Miss During Conference Season 1-25-21 Honor
GOOD CLEAN FUN!  No caution signs needed! These programs and entertainers are guaranteed to provide squeaky clean fun!  From game shows to escape rooms, comedians to magicians, and so much more!  Serving all 5o states, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect entertainment for your programming needs – whether in person or virtual!  Learn more about some of our good clean fun below and fill out the form to ask us about booking one of these
FOOD AND FUN THIS MARCH! Who’s hungry!?  March is a time we recognize the incredible influences of women in our world and it’s also a time we celebrate our Irish Heritage (even if you’re not Irish!)  It’s also full of days of “recognition” related to FOOD – like National Peanut Butter Day or  Anything On A Stick Day! Neon Entertainment has programs to help you celebrate these special March events – from Women’s History Month

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