Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Neon Entertainment understands the importance for having a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment among workplaces and campuses. The assortment of speakers and programs we provide build communities for universities and corporations to be knowledgeable about the diversity of our world. Our college speakers and programs are committed to creating diverse and inclusive communities. They seek to promote diversity in its many manifestations. 

Pride Bingo

“This event was so much fun! I talked to the students and they loved it as well!”

— Residence Life Coordinator, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown


 Pride Bingo is all the great elements of Playlist Bingo themed to the LGBTQ+ community. It’s all the same Bingo rules except with Pride Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played. All the songs are by Artists embraced by the LGBTQ+ community and also features songs from Broadway Musicals embraced by the community.  Participants identify who sings the songs and marks it off on their pride bingo card! The event is hosted by two comedic hosts, Daniel Webb and Renee Santos.

Daniel Webb famously garnered international attention cracking gay jokes with President Barack Obama, and most recently became a contributor for FUNNY OR DIE! 

Renee Santos burst onto the Stand Up comedy scene 8 years ago in her first National Television debut on Showtime Network’s “Pride Comedy Jam”.  In early October of 2019, Her Stand-Up Comedy Special “Outside the Box” was picked up by AmazonPRIME.

**Pride Bingo is not included in package deal prices.



  • Recognizing racial inequities
  • Encourage empathy and humanity 
  • Encoruage an important dialogue  regarding racial and human right injustices
  • To motivate participants through biographical life lessons
  • Recognize the impact cultural and historical icons have in the world we live in today.

Shaun Boothe

“Shaun Boothe provided one of the most engaging and energetic key notes to have ever graced the atrium of Goodes Hall at Queen’s University.”

— Richard Baugh (Vice President), 2014 Queen’s School of Business Innovation Summit


This is a program celebrating diversity, encouraging empathy and humanity, all while honoring the greatest cultural icons of our times.

In this powerful presentation, Shaun uses biographical rap songs from his Unauthorized Biography Series to celebrate and examine the lives of some of our most influential human rights and social justice activists. 

Shaun’s message is relevant and consistent with our current state of affairs, where we are all at once experiencing a collective awakening to the racial injustices deeply woven into the fabric of our society.

EMPOWERMENT is a prominent theme in this presentation.  There is currently great tension, anger, and discomfort in the conversations surrounding racial inequities. The intention is not to sidestep this important dialogue, but to use one of the most powerful tools we have to bring people together during such challenging times - MUSIC! 
Repackaging history through hip hop, Shaun skillfully embarks on an explorative journey using music, multimedia, and motivation to extract the life lessons and universal truths galvanized by the lives of our greatest heroes. These are the lessons that will bring us together to create a world we all desire - a world we all deserve.
This presentation is customizable and can feature a combination of cultural icons such as Muhammad Ali, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai and Bob Marley.


Virtual Programs

“From what I hear the students loved [Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition]! I popped in for a few minutes and it looked really fun… [the presenter] had great energy. Will definitely keep this one in our pocket in the event we’re still online in the fall.”

— Adelphi University



In this 50 minute interactive performance,  Jaylene Clark Owens uses her poetry to discuss the power of embracing your authentic voice. Students will hear several powerful, original spoken word poems that speak to the many different ways your voice can be used, such as advocating for yourself, speaking against injustices, and using your voice to create opportunities. Jaylene will allot time to take questions from the audience about her artistic career and process, as well as facilitate a writing exercise in which she and the students will create a collective poem about the strength that comes from living in your authenticity.

Lady Caress

She [Lady Caress] was absolutely great! She did an amazing job as the emcee for our annual Lip Sync Competition. She was great to work with and really grabbed and held the audience’s attention.

— Sean Wiseman, Central College


Lady Caress explores how failure and triumph are the perfect recipe for resilience and urges students to recognize their obstacles as opportunities for growth. With a a combination of storytelling, beatboxing and poetry she reminds students that pressure makes diamonds and difficult life circumstances simply prune us for greatness. 

For over 10 years Lady Caress has dedicated her life to the art of communication as both a poet and public speaker.  Featured on PBS and NPR, Lady Caress  crafts her message of empowerment, social justice and cultural awareness through compelling live performance and video.  She has toured over 150 colleges and universities with her solo show and was awarded the 2017 Campus Activities Spoken Word Artist of the Year. Her unique set of comedy, music, beatboxing and theatrics has led to commissioned work for the National Multicultural Women’s Conference, The Blaque Resource Network, YMCA and several other national youth programming organizations. Seen on BET at the 365 Black Awards and Season 4 of Verses and Flow on TvOne, Lady Caress is truly a dynamic performer.

Virtual Programs

“From what I hear the students loved [Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition]! I popped in for a few minutes and it looked really fun… [the presenter] had great energy. Will definitely keep this one in our pocket in the event we’re still online in the fall.”

— Adelphi University

Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers

 At the time of Columbus, as many as 10 million Native Americans lived in North America. A succession of Algonquian peoples ultimately coalesced into the Piscataway Nation of the  Chesapeake & Tidewater regions of Maryland. The Piscataway  were the first Native Americans to encounter Captain John Smith along the banks of the Potomac River in 1608. Today, Mark Tayac and the Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers carry on the long standing traditions, culture and heritage of their indigenous ancestors. From Tayac Territory, (Port Tobacco, MD), Mark Tayac travels with the Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers presenting a colorful, educational and entertaining pow wow-style campus event featuring American Indian Dance, Drum & Song.  In addition to their many college campus appearances, the Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers are frequent contributors to TV specials on the History Channel and Discovery Channel and appear regularly at the Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, national pow-wows and major festivals.  Mark Tayac and the Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers welcome the opportunity to educate and entertain audiences who want to learn more about American Indian history, culture and traditions.

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