How To Theme Your Next Photo Event

Looking to elevate your upcoming Photo Event? Neon Entertainment offers a diverse array of captivating photo programs that can transform any campus gathering into an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re intrigued by Old Time Photos, the Glow Photo Booth, 360 Photo Booth, Green Screen Photos, Classic Photo Booth, or even Awkward Family Photos, we have something for every college event planner. Let’s explore how to theme your next campus event with these themed programs ideas.

1. Classic Photo Booth: Never Go Out Of Style!

Theme: Timeless Classics

Description: Step back in time with a Classic Photo Booth, celebrating the charm of yesteryears. Students can pick color or black and white photos and get a photo strip with high-quality snapshots. Add a personal touch by customizing the strips with your college logo or school name. It’s a classic choice that complements a range of campus events, bringing a touch of nostalgia to every occasion.

2. Old Time Photos: Journey To The Past!

Theme: Time Travel

Description: Take your fellow students on a  journey to the past with Old Time Photos. Offer costumes and props, letting participants immerse themselves in their chosen era, whether it’s the Wild West or the Roaring Twenties. The professional green screen studio can transport participants to different old-time settings. The high-quality printed photos, framed in matte, become cherished keepsakes, making your event a nostalgic trip through history.

3. Glow Photo Booth: Illuminate Your Campus Event!

Theme: Neon Glow Party

Description: Give your campus event a modern and vibrant twist with a Neon Glow theme. The Glow Photo Booth combines classic photo booth fun with mesmerizing light trails. Students can snap a picture inside the booth and use colored LED lights to create captivating light patterns around their photos. Make it more personal by adding your college logo or event brand to the printed photos. It’s perfect for energetic and contemporary campus gatherings.

4. 360 Photo Booth: Elevate Your Social Media Game!

Theme: Social Media Takeover

Description: Prepare to dominate the social media scene with a Social Media Takeover theme powered by the cutting-edge 360 Photo Booth. Inspire students to hop onto the platform and capture mesmerizing 360-degree videos as a camera revolves around them. With  features like slow-motion video and boomerangs, your attendees can create captivating content designed to impress their social media followers. This theme is the ultimate choice for campus events seeking to put innovation and creative flair at the forefront of the digital era.

5. Awkward Family Photos: Dive into the Upside Down!

Theme: Stranger Things

Description: Venture into the mysterious world of the Stranger Things theme featuring Awkward Family Photos. Utilize the green screen studio to conjure custom backgrounds that transport students to the eerie realm of the Upside Down or present them with a selection of quirky, supernatural scenes to select from. The resulting photos,  printed on high-quality paper and  framed in matte, promise to deliver not just hilarity but also a touch of the uncanny and nostalgia, reminiscent of the popular series.

6. Green Screen Photos: Embark on a Global Expedition!

Theme: Around the World 

Description: Unleash your creativity with an Around the World theme that fully harnesses the potential of the Green Screen Photos program. You’ll have the opportunity to utilize a professional green screen studio, enabling you to craft personalized backdrops that transport participants to iconic landmarks or offer a diverse array of scenes representing various countries. Printed on top-quality photo paper and framed with a touch of sophistication, these photos become cherished keepsakes, preserving the memories of their incredible journey across the globe.

No matter the theme or occasion, Neon Entertainment’s photo programs offer endless possibilities to enhance your campus event. Whether you’re reliving history, adding a modern twist, embracing the future, or sparking creativity, there’s a theme to suit every vision. These programs guarantee that your fellow students leave with cherished memories in hand. So, start planning your next campus event with Neon Entertainment and reach out to your Neon agent for booking and availability!




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