Whether you are looking for Music, Poetry, Comedy, or anything else, Neon Entertainment offers a wide variety of Live Entertainers. Our professional artists create interactive and unique virtual experiences for your campus.

Virtual Open Mic


“I wanted to thank you both for the Playlist Bingo production – it was a huge hit with our students! Our Student Activities Board had a lot of fun playing along and noted that many students reached out to them throughout the game about how much fun they were having. We will definitely be in touch about doing Bingo again or another game show.”

— Seton Hall University


Looking to do your traditional talent night or open mic night virtually?  Let our entertainers be the hosts.  Bring your talent together in a virtual platform and  everyone will have the chance to shine.   Our musicians comedians, and poets are ready to entertain you and help host the event.

Let us help keep the tradition of your old open mic nights going or just create a fun and interactive night of talent.  Contact an agent to request the selection of entertainers that would be perfect for your next event.

Spoken Word Artists

“Having Lady Caress on campus was a blast! She put on a lively performance that we all enjoyed. She was great to work with and everything went smoothly!”

— Emma Payne, University of Wisconsin – Superior


Looking to make your audience snap? Neon Entertainment is one of the leading Spoken Word Agencies in the College Market. Our roster of poets are nationally known Grand Slam Poets, award-winning speakers, and cultural activists.  These passionate and talented performers are available to create a one-of-a-kind virtual experience for your next event. Book a poet for virtual performances, workshops, or open mic poetry slams. Contact us to help you create your unique event with a Spoken Word Artist!


“I wanted to thank you both for the Playlist Bingo production – it was a huge hit with our students! Our Student Activities Board had a lot of fun playing along and noted that many students reached out to them throughout the game about how much fun they were having. We will definitely be in touch about doing Bingo again or another game show.”

— Seton Hall University


Be a rock star for the evening with ‘Virtual Live Unplugged Karaoke’!  This show is your chance to take the virtual stage with a live band and show your stuff! Participants can choose a song from our extensive list of modern hits and classic favorites covering pop, rock, R & B, hip hop and country.  ‘Virtual Live Unplugged Karaoke’ features an acoustic trio instead of the large band.  

When the show is booked, we will send you the links to send out to your audience. Participants log on to a video feed using their computer or tablet to watch our professional musicians host the karaoke on their screen. 

All song choices and song lyrics will be available on participants’ mobile devices via a link, and our host will guide them through the experience.  Show everyone what you can do with ‘Virtual Live Unplugged Karaoke’!

Shanice Green

“Shanice [Green] was so nice and welcoming, our students enjoyed her performance! We ran the event in a way where students acted as Shanice’s opener…When Shanice was on stage, she encouraged the students to participate in a “jam session” with her. At one point in time, there was a student with a ukelele, one on the piano, another with a flute, and another with a clarinet all playing along with her on stage… Basically, the students in attendance really enjoyed themselves.”

— Ruth Ann Roberts, Holy Family University


Gently nourish your body and mind with Two Deep Breaths: a Gentle Yoga & Live Music Getaway. 

This 60 minute event combines live music, yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations. Carefully crafted to promote a sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and creative expression.

This virtual experience will encourage a sense of community through an interactive music performance and gentle yoga session. Afterwards, participants will feel rested, refreshed, and better equipped with self-care tools to help cultivate calm moments every day.

Shanice Green is a full time musician and registered yoga instructor. She earned her Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. She specializes in Chakra Healing through yoga, music, crystals, and positive affirmations.

Truth or Laughs

“Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed this evening.”

— Samantha G, West Virginia University


For as long as comedians have told stories, audiences have wondered, “Did that really happen?!?” 
“Truth or Laughs?” is a virtual, interactive comedy show where you can win real money. It takes the audience behind-the-scenes of funny stories with hilarious reveals. 
Hosted by New York City comedy couple Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim, “Truth or Laughs?” is an hour-long show composed of three rounds.
In each round:
– Ben or Michelle tells a 3-5 minute (uninterrupted) funny story
– Afterward, participants play a ten question true/false interactive game about what parts of the story happened in real life. Faster responses get more points.
– After each question, Ben or Michelle reveals the details behind the part of the story in question.
– The winner gets $50 cash (via Venmo/PayPal)

– Then in a role reversal, the winner then goes on video and plays “2 truths and a lie” with Ben and Michelle competing against each other

Brian Miller

“Everyone loved Brian [Miller’s] show; I will definitely recommend his work to friends/colleagues in the future!”

— Chris and Jennifer


Give your friends, family, employees, or guests something truly special at a time when they need it most.

This is so much more than a magic show.

Brian will engage your group in a highly interactive, real-time experience that combines world class sleight-of-hand, hilarious and heartwarming stories from 15 years of touring the globe, and even a special multi-media display that must be seen, never described.

We take care of all the tech so you and your attendees can simply sit back and enjoy themselves.

While it is not a children’s magic show, the program is 100% clean and family-friendly.

Virtual Programs

“Lindsey was a PERFECT virtual host.”

— Andrea Check, Indiana Tech


Ryan Kelly was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where he started comedy as an improviser. He was trained at schools such as IO, Second City, UCB and Groundlings. He then ventured off to college where he wanted to try new exciting things, and thus he began his foray into performing stand-up comedy. After going to Christian school for 18 years, also known as the full program, he’s justifiably earned the youth pastor look and vibe he gives off. Faith, however, was forced upon him through his wild death defying life experiences. He’s survived a plane crash, been tackled inside the NSA, negotiated a better deal during a mugging and more. All of these experiences were filmed through shaky cam thanks to his essential tremor. A condition that according to medical science is caused by your guess being as good as the next guys. He doesn’t mind though, and his upbeat attitude while recounting these experiences will keep you wondering if you can have what he’s having. Though it’s been a bumpy road he’s always shakin but never stirred.

Virtual Programs

“Lindsey was a PERFECT virtual host.”

— Andrea Check, Indiana Tech


The great challenge we all face is that technology is evolving faster than we are evolving culturally.

The current generation of students are the product of that gap between technological advance and cultural lag.  The unprecedented access that technology gives them to, well, nearly everything, has allowed us to overlook the things that technology cannot do:

  • Access does not guarantee connection
  • Information does not guarantee wisdom
  • Awareness does not guarantee justice

Here’s the Good News

We can help students.  “Signal Strength” is a virtual program designed to highlight the simplest, most practical ways that students can develop skills that will help them feel more empowered and capable of achieving whatever they want while they’re in college. 

In this virtual presentation, Paul Ramsay brings his expertise as a former educator, the strategies of a practicing hypnotist and Strategic Intervention Coach, and the energy of a nationally touring entertainer to serve you and your people.  Paul uses Zoom and the Kahoot! app to poll the audience about specific challenges they face, and tailors his presentation toward the information he gathers so that students are getting practical applications of the core content 


“Derrick’s [Knopsnyder] show was great, and he was so interactive with the students and people who came to his performance. He also was extremely excited and happy to be on campus, which rubbed off onto the students who were in attendance, making his show even better! We…thought his performance was great here!”

— Edinboro University


Our diverse roster of stand-up comedians have accolades from major network television channels like NBC, MTV, and Comedy Central. They’re right at the forefront of trending national entertainment. Our comedians have performed all over the country and now are bringing the entertainment right to wherever you are in a virtual format.  We tailor the virtual event to your programming needs and provide a unique comedy experience for your event. 

Virtual Programs

“Lindsey was a PERFECT virtual host.”

— Andrea Check, Indiana Tech


Stimulate your body and cleanse your mind with this unique and entertaining virtual wellness experience.

Canadian musician, multi-instrumentalist and skilled martial artist/competitor “Sensei Jake” combines live music and group instruction to teach the basic fundamentals of proper footwork, punching, striking and other techniques to improve your mood, relieve stress, anxiety and get you on track to achieve your personal fitness goals and wellness.

The Beat Boxing experience is as entertaining as it is beneficial. There are no pre-recorded tracks, just the music created using live loops and vocals to accompany your workout and get your heart rate up.

At the end of the class, there is 5 minutes of “Mokuso”, which is a martial arts meditation usually done after a training session to clear the mind. 

This 60 minute program will also feature a Q&A after for students who would like to stay and ask questions. 

Michael C. Anthony

As an observer of Michael [C Anthony] ‘s Mental Game Show, you just may come away believing that, not only can he read minds, but he can make an audience member read minds. This is a fantastically entertaining, mind-blowing, interactive show that college students will surely enjoy. A must see.”

— Colgate University


Looking for audience participation virtually that will shock and amaze? Then look no further than Slight of Mind by 8 time College Entertainer of the Year, Michael C. Anthony. Michael’s style has been described as on avante garde blend of the human psyche and eye-popping theater. The show is a MUST SEE!

Michael takes mentalism to an astonishing new level as he streams your participant’s thoughts and makes incredible predictions, reading their minds and can tell whether they are lying or telling the truth and all through the medium of the internet. 

Sleight of Mind is a Livestream that you can easily share with your participants. This show is perfect for large and small groups alike. Their minds will be blown and reality as they know it will be shattered! 


“Last night’s show went great and the fact that I.N.K. made their show so interactive was a big hit for our students. (I loved the poem we worked on as an audience in particular.)”

— Northern Vermont University


Sit down and enjoy dinner and a show with nationally touring slam poets I.N.K. right from the comfort of your home or residence hall.  This show is professionally shot on multiple cameras and streamed live via zoom.  Courageous and Lane show participants how to cook a simple beginner’s meal while performing their acclaimed poetry show.  Participants can ask questions during the show in the chat and I.N.K. can answer in real time.  It’s a live and fully interactive poetry show with some culinary flair, streamed right to your couch.

Virtual Programs

“The event was awesome! We had a really great time with the event! I’m really glad we chose to go with that option.”

— Kennedy King College


Social social distancing is the perfect virtual program that allows you to bring your students together in a time where we can’t be. This is a hilarious interactive “late night talk show” mixed with “Tosh.0” that gets your students involved in the show!

In the time of virtual shows – we’ve all learned that comedy through zoom is not as fun or engaging as the live show. However, Social Social Distancing is hosted by a professional comedian and will keep your students laughing the whole way through. 
Not only are you students part of the show, this show can be tailored directly for your campus so it’s the perfect event for any time! 


“Last night’s show went great and the fact that I.N.K. made their show so interactive was a big hit for our students. (I loved the poem we worked on as an audience in particular.)”

— Northern Vermont University


I.N.K. brings the party to poetry! They are a poetry duo, whose live show involves fast paced, high energy, spoken word with a comedic twist. “The Penn And Teller Of Poetry” have taken their act to the National Poetry Slam, where they reached group finals and placed 6th in the nation. Biracial poet and event host, Courageous collaborated with Knoxville artist Lane Shuler and crafted a show that takes poetry, comedy, and hip-hop and blends it together into a rhythmic and energetic live show that is both educational, and entertaining. Topics they discuss include diversity, acceptance, body positivity, social justice, depression/suicide prevention, and more.

Michael Blaustein

“[Live Comedy… Sorta] was great. [Michael Blaustein] seemed popular among students and I know everyone really liked the guest that he had with him.”

— Kettering University, Kettering University


Michael’s popular podcast, Stiff Socks, is always at the top of the iTunes comedy charts and has become a staple show in the podcast community.  Michael and his co-host bring the podcast virtually to your students homes in a Live Comedy Podcast tailored to your campus. Students can interact with the hosts in the chat as the hosts joke and answer questions. 

Michael Blaustein, an internationally touring, headlining comedian, entertainment host, accomplished actor, and award winning writer.  Michael was also a cast member of the last season of MTV’s Punk’d, with Ashton Kutcher.  With Michael’s many accomplishments, he most enjoys performing stand up for college audiences. His versatile jokes and ideas allow him to perform for various college events and corporate parties.


“Playlist Bingo was such a hit! Everyone really loved the music and the host was so interactive and funny. Thanks so much for everything with that! I think it definitely brought some positivity to our class while we’ve all been so down about our senior year being cut short.”

— Niagara University


Choose from any of our musicians for a Virtual Concert! Book a singer/songwriter, band, soloist, duo, original or cover band for your virtual event; great for orientation, welcome week, or homecoming. With a wide representation of genres including pop, rock, indie, and a cappella, you’re sure to have a great event everyone will enjoy from wherever they are! 

Virtual Programs

“The event was awesome! We had a really great time with the event! I’m really glad we chose to go with that option.”

— Kennedy King College


Fresh Face is a touring variety show that brings a diverse array of performances to a new generation. Hosted by comedian Alex Babbitt. This show has traveled the country bringing a lighthearted showcase feeling in hopes to inspire youths to fulfill their dreams and develop confidence. The show line up consists of three artists with a wide array of performance. 

 Each artist will be given a 15 minute set while the overarching show will have jokes and conversation directed by the host & comedic styling of comedian Alex Babbitt.        

As a fun benefit to the people watching, we leave room at the end of the show for the audience to showcase their talent. This segment is called 5mins Fresh Face. This allows the audience to talk via zoom and showcase their talent from the comfort of their own home. Whether it be singing, Dancing or telling a joke, this is your chance to showcase your “fresh Face” talents.

Corey Rodrigues

“Corey [Rodrigues] may be the best comedian I’ve ever worked with. He researched us, his material was funny, timely and relevant to our two very different audiences and he seemed genuinely enthusiastic about being at both events. Couldn’t be happier with his performances!”

— Rick Ross, Peninsula College


A 3-6 week course, with Comedian Corey Rodigues, meeting once or twice a week offering students a fun look into their own minds and the mind of a professional stand up comedian. At the end of course you will have a grad show where you’ll perform a 5 min set of jokes/ material that you’ve created. Remember it’s impossible to be angry while you’re laughing which is why tapping into your own funny is not only fun, it’s good for you!

Brian Ledbetter

“Brian Ledbetter is one of the most professional performers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Aside from his professionalism, he is a truly wonderful entertainer enjoyed by young and old alike. He broke the box office records for our theatre!”

— Susan Herrick, President, Skagit Arts Theatre, Anacortes, WA


Traditionally, Brian Ledbetter’s shows are seen live on stage.  Today, they are seen live, and virtually!  Brian combines every element of “mystery entertainment” – mindreading, mentalism, magic, illusion, and more – to create one cohesive experience sure to be remembered.

Brian’s virtual program is highly interactive – combining audience participation with intriguing visuals, and of course, everything in the program is centered on really incredible moments of magic, mystery, awe, and wonder.

Additionally, Brian can teach the viewers how to perform fun bits of magic – bits that aren’t complicated or difficult to learn, and that don’t require any special equipment.

This is a time when everyone could use a little more “magic” in their lives.  The aim of this virtual experience is to deliver that magic in a fun, engaging, and light-hearted manner that connects us together in a way that isn’t so common today as it was not too long ago.

Virtual Programs

“The event was awesome! We had a really great time with the event! I’m really glad we chose to go with that option.”

— Kennedy King College



In this 50 minute interactive performance,  Jaylene Clark Owens uses her poetry to discuss the power of embracing your authentic voice. Students will hear several powerful, original spoken word poems that speak to the many different ways your voice can be used, such as advocating for yourself, speaking against injustices, and using your voice to create opportunities. Jaylene will allot time to take questions from the audience about her artistic career and process, as well as facilitate a writing exercise in which she and the students will create a collective poem about the strength that comes from living in your authenticity.

Virtual Programs

“The event was awesome! We had a really great time with the event! I’m really glad we chose to go with that option.”

— Kennedy King College


DJ Ravidrums invented the “Live Re-Mixïng DJ’ing and Drumming simultaneously.” Having performed everywhere from Oscars, Oprah, Playboy Mansion and all over the globe to the most exclusive red carpet events for Michael Jordan, Nike, HBO, Nintendo and FOX, Ravidrums is unstoppable. Bringing his high-octane, in-your-face energy to EDM & Open Format. Ravidrums has been The Musical Director on Multiple Prime Time TV shows for Paula Abdul , Howie Mandel & Quincy Jones. Ravidrums transcends with imagination with extreme energy & is complete unique. He also has the world’s most advanced custom DJ rig designed with NASA scientists. He‘s worked with everyone from Britney Spears, Will I Am, LIL Jon, Pitbull to Slash. Get ready to jump up and celebrate when he hits the stage.

Virtual Programs

“The event was awesome! We had a really great time with the event! I’m really glad we chose to go with that option.”

— Kennedy King College


Ebo Barton is a Black and Filipino, Transgender and Non-Binary, poet and educator. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington by way of Los Angeles, California.  As a representative of Seattle, they’ve been on 4 National Slam Teams and participated at 3 Individual World Poetry Slams.  Their most notable poetry slam accolade is placing 5th in the world in 2016.  Ebo curated and directed, How to Love THIS Queer Body of Color: An Unapology and wrote and directed the award-winning play, Rising Up.  Their work touches on political issues from a personal point of view and often is birthed from the struggles of living in the identities that they are. Ebo believes in the power of language and art as a tool for revolution.

Ebo’s virtual program consists of a poetry reading with questions to spark discussion, promote change and action, and encourage self-reflection.  Followed by a Q&A.  

Get In Touch

Contacts us at 800-993-NEON (6366) or Send us an email to inquire or book our virtual programs and events.