As an entertainment booking agency, Neon Entertainment believes that having a wide variety of entertainment is extremely important.

Virtual Paint Social

“It was amazinggggg! Lindsey was extremely pleasant, and the students loved it. Last night they asked if there can be another paint social next week LOL.”

— Kayla, Queens College


Paint Social combines fun, creativity and encouragement into one event! Choose the painting you would like, set a date and your host ships all of the materials to you. Individually wrapped painting supplies will be shipped to you to distribute to each participant, including paint, brushes and canvases. Participants will follow our live-streamed paint class to create their very own artwork from wherever they are! Your host guides the participants through the experience.

Choose from one of our design options or ask your agent about custom designs for your community. Click here for some custom design examples.

Shanice Green

“[Shanice Green] went very well. Crowd built up as the show came around. She is very personable and had folks come up to sing with her. She has a great voice. Thanks so much!”

— Larry Mannolini, SUNY Delhi


Gently nourish your body and mind with Two Deep Breaths: a Gentle Yoga & Live Music Getaway. 

This 60 minute event combines live music, yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations. Carefully crafted to promote a sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and creative expression.

This virtual experience will encourage a sense of community through an interactive music performance and gentle yoga session. Afterwards, participants will feel rested, refreshed, and better equipped with self-care tools to help cultivate calm moments every day.

Shanice Green is a full time musician and registered yoga instructor. She earned her Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. She specializes in Chakra Healing through yoga, music, crystals, and positive affirmations.

Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition

“[Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition] went amazing again! I have access to a bunch of other events Neon does so I will pass that along for future events we may plan for the fall/spring.”

— Western Connecticut State University


Playlist Bingo is a new twist to the classic game that they can play from wherever they are!  All of the same Bingo rules apply except with Playlist Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played and participants have to know who sings those songs in order to mark that artist off of their playlist bingo card!

All players need is their cell phone and a laptop or tablet and they are ready to play!  We provide them a customized Playlist Bingo card to have on their device as they watch our professional comedian host.  Participants mark off their played artists and start rooting for what they need to hit for a winner! Every genre of Music is included in Playlist Bingo.  Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Modern, Classics, Slow Jams, Boy Bands, Divas…..there is something for everybody in Playlist Bingo!!

 Go with our classic game or choose from one of these available themes:

Girl Power | Cartoon | Movie | TV | Songs of the Summer


Game Shows

“It was so much fun! Adam is HILARIOUS, my face hurt from laughing/smiling so much. He is a fantastic host! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much!! We are so happy it all worked out and (in my opinion) with such a great company!”

— Rochelle, Burns & Wilcox


 Pride Bingo has all the great elements of Playlist Bingo themed to the LGBTQA+ community. It’s all the same Bingo rules except with Pride Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played. All the songs are by Artists embraced by the LGBTQA+ community and also features songs from Broadway Musicals and Movies embraced by the community.  Participants are ready to play with just their tablet or device or laptop.  We provide a customized Pride Bingo card and participants identify who sings the songs or what show or movie it is from and mark them off on their pride bingo card!  We have everything from Elton John to RENT to Sam Smith to Lady Gaga and more! 

When players get a  winning combination, they yell “Pride Bingo,” and wait for the host to check their card to declare them a winner.  

Every Pride Bingo game includes four chances to win and $200 in cash prizes! As soon as the game is over, winners receive their prize money directly to their Paypal account.

**Pride Bingo is not included in package deal prices.


Virtual Programs

“Our students really loved Playlist Bingo! One student sent me this email afterward, ‘This was awesome!! Would definitely love to do this again! Thank you for keeping school fun while we are away!'”

— University of Pittsburgh at Bradford


Chef Egg Live is a virtual and interactive culinary event for university, college and campus events. Join Chef Egg online to cook fun, healthy and seasonally refreshing meals your whole group will enjoy. While cooking, you will be able to ask questions and gain insight into utilizing culinary fundamentals to create a wide range of international recipes and foster your culinary independence.

Chef Egg will execute a 60 minute cooking lesson while teaching the group how to prepare a whole meal for the participants to enjoy after the class. Small group lessons will include skill appropriate culinary fundamentals and healthy cooking techniques. The chef will supply online lessons with the digital recipes and equipment list needed for success.

Virtual Programs

“Our students really loved Playlist Bingo! One student sent me this email afterward, ‘This was awesome!! Would definitely love to do this again! Thank you for keeping school fun while we are away!'”

— University of Pittsburgh at Bradford


Learn from our pumpkin carving professionals for this interactive and fully customizable live streamed event.  Your host has been featured on the Food Network’s Halloween Wars as one of the best pumpkin carvers out there, and now you have the chance to learn how to turn an average pumpkin into a work of art from him.  Whether you choose to carve along as our pros teach you the tips and tricks to achieving an awesome final piece of work or just enjoy observing the process,  this event is a perfect addition to any fall programming.  Our pros recommend this awesome kit for your students to prepare for their carving experience.

Virtual Murder Mystery

“The event [Murder Mystery] went really well. We had a solid turnout, which is great! Tom [the host] was great with our students.”

— Bucknell University


It is All Hallow’s Eve at the Bulgarian Castle, high on the hill, deep in the shadows of massive oaks and tangled briars. A raging storm continues to brew, relentless in its fury. The master of the castle has not been seen and is feared dead. In the mourning room can be heard shouts of an uproar near the castle gates. The town folks are trying to break through, but the bars hold them back. For now.

A missing heart, a broken urn, a 3,000-year-old strip of linen, footprints in the graveyard, and an open book of evil spells—all paint a ghastly picture. Who is behind all of this? The witch of a mountainside village, the mummy Pharaoh of the Upper and Lower Nile, the bloodthirsty cannibal, the evil dentist, the insane psychic, or is it a yet-unknown evil creature.

For now, the doors are locked and will remain so. For until the murderer is found, no one will be leaving the tormented halls of The Castle.

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