Entertainment on the college circuit is ever evolving as campus culture, interests, and demands change.  Having been in the business of campus entertainment for over 28 years, Neon Entertainment has grown and evolved with the market, providing the most current events and programs colleges are requesting including live interactive entertainment.  Whether your campus needs live-streamed events, in-person programming or a hybrid of both, we know that EXPERIENCES are what’s HOT for your students and that’s just what they’ll get with these live interactive events.

 1) Derrick Knopsnyder & Stuff-A-Buddy

Comedy and a cuddle buddy….not as weird as it sounds!  A two-for-one event, when you book Neon Comedian, Derrick Knopsnyder & Stuff-A-Buddy you’ll get a great comedy show and 50 stuffable creatures* that can be used as a hands-on pre-show event, or a giveaway to the first 50 students who come to the comedy show.  

2) Live “Unplugged” Karaoke:

Taking Karaoke to a whole new level, our Live “Unplugged” Karaoke features your students backed by one of Neon’s very talented 3 piece bands.  Participants can choose a song from our extensive list of modern hits and classic favorites covering pop, rock, R & B, hip hop and country.  Available for both live-streamed & in-person events.

3) Two Deep Breaths

A well-balanced partnership of live music & yoga instruction, Two Deep Breaths is like no other program on the college market.  This 60 minute event combines live music, yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations. Carefully crafted to promote a sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and creative expression.  Two Deep Breaths can be provided via live-stream or in person.

4) (Holiday) Game Shows

Whether you’re planning a holiday themed event or thinking a little further ahead, Neon’s game shows are guaranteed to be a hit.  Are you a Neon Game Show junkie? Or, are you looking to try something new?  Jingle Bingo and Reindeer Games Trivia are both great options that will provide the gift of fun this holiday season!  Most of our game shows are available for both in-person and live-streamed events. 


5) Big Heads & Beats

Big Heads & Beats is a unique virtual program that combines digital caricature drawings with a live, drumming, DJ that plays all of the hits as our talented artist makes YOU into a work of art!  Want a last minute holiday program?  Ask about our Virtual Santa Experience!



Contacts us at 800-993-NEON (6366) or Send us an email to inquire or book our virtual programs and events.

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