Students are STRESSED!  And nothing beats that stress like spending time with friends.  Provide them with smart, safe, healthy ways to de-stress with interactive group entertainment. 

 1) Escape Rooms

Our Escape Rooms provide an escape from reality as students immerse themselves in the challenges. With over 35 themes across 7 categories, Neon Entertainment’s Escape Rooms offer team building experiences while also being entertaining.  Check out our LATE FOR THE HOLIDAY theme for your upcoming events!

2) Relaxation Program

Choose from a variety of relaxation events to create your very own Relaxation Program.  From massage chairs, to chi machines, oxygen bars, essential oils workshops, and more.  Students will be grateful for the chance to grab a friend and come enjoy some much needed R&R on campus together. 

3) Paint Social

For many, creating art is a great way to de-stress.  Let our Paint Social specialist take the guess work out of programming for you while providing a stress relieving, guided paint session for your students.   Choose from a variety of artwork options or work with our host to create something unique for your event.

4) Silent Disco

For many people, quiet and calm isn’t their way to deal with stress.  Sometimes you just need to dance it out!   Our DIY Headphone Disco is a great alternative for those who just need to let loose.  We can serve  150 to 500 participants at once, each having the ability to choose from three different playlists to suit their taste.


Contacts us at 800-993-NEON (6366) or Send us an email to inquire or book our virtual programs and events.

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