Student leadership training was a difficult task these past two years and now it’s beginning to show as campus student leaders struggle to make connections.  But, it’s not too late to provide them with solid training that will serve them well, both on campus and off.  Neon Entertainment offers 5+ Leadership Training programs to suit any need.  Check out these trainings and retreats and contact your Neon agent to book yours now!

1) How To Magically Connect With Anyone – Brian Miller

In 2021 when competition is fierce, the pressure to succeed is crippling, and mental health issues are staggering, students are asking themselves:

“How do I build a meaningful life and worthwhile career… without burning out?”

Here’s the answer:

The most successful students – tomorrow’s professionals – are those who make others feel heard, understood, and valued.

Can you really teach students how to do that in an hour?

Absolutely! —READ MORE

2) The DNA of Student Leadership – Mike Fritz

What is it that makes up a great student leader? In a world where connection and great leaders are needed more now than ever what is the best way to build and inspire student leaders?

The DNA of a Leader program was designed to answer this exact question. There are 5 ‘strands’ of leadership that will help shape students into the kind of leaders the work place and the world is looking for. —READ MORE

3) SGA University – Mike Fritz

When you attend the SGAU event your students will learn…

  • The 8 Essential Elements in Building a Team
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • How To Be A Positive Force For Change
  • How To Get More People To Your Events
  • The Art And Science Of Delegation



4) GRIT – Collegiate Empowerment

One out of every three US college students will drop out within the first year. Only 5% of our full-time community college students complete their associate’s degree within two years. Only 19% of our full-time students attending our public universities complete their bachelor’s degree within four years. There are more stats…and they only get worse.

We have to do something as a collective industry. As a start, we at Collegiate Empowerment have developed Grit For College Students to get the conversation started on your campus and to help navigate these challenges. —READ MORE


5) F.L.Y. (First Lead Yourself) – Collegiate Empowerment

Every generation has its share of leaders, and on each campus, that share is about 3-10%. Some impact the community, while others impact the planet. Learn what it takes to become a true leader by learning from those who have lead change before us. This experience examines the foundational principle that all great leaders possess: the unique ability to lead themselves first before leading their community, their nation, and their world. In this high energy, interactive seminar, you will recognize your motivations and tap the power of personal vision and goal-setting to build your campus community.READ MORE


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