No matter the age, we enjoy partaking in events that remind us of the best parts of our childhood.  To take a moment or two to escape from the every day monotony of adulting and remember what it was like to be a kid without a worry in the world.  There is no doubt that when you host events like an Iceless Ice Rink, Roller Rink or Mini Golf on your campus, you will have a successful event with grateful students who appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of these nostalgic events.  

1) Iceless Ice Rink

Whether your campus is in a part of the country where you can barely tell who is who amongst the scarves and hats, or one where your students may consider a walk on the beach after classes, our Iceless Ice Rink can make for a great winter event.   You provide the space and we will bring a full size rink that is built with synthetic ice for 4 hours of ice skating fun, complete with sound system and skates. 

2) Portable Roller Rink

Our Portable Roller Rink is one of our most in-demand events on and off the college market.  No matter what era you grew up in, we are sure memories of your time at the local roller rink are high on your favorite’s list.  We aim to throw it back as best we can with our Portable Roller Rink.  When you book one of these rinks with Neon we bring a standard size rink (40’x60′ or 2400 square feet) for up to 4 hours, complete with music, lights, skates and an awesome event manager. Need a bigger rink?  We can provide up to 7200 square feet of rink flooring! 

3) Bowling

No need to go to the alleys to please the Kegler’s on your campus.  We’ll bring the boards to you, in addition to scoring system, bowling balls and glow lights to bring you back to those Midnight Bowling days at the local  lanes. 

4) Laser Tag

Although it’s the “newest” amongst these other nostalgic event trends, Laser Tag may be as wistful to your students as visits to a mall would be for you…wait, what’s a mall!?  Do those still exist!?  I digress…book a Laser Tag event for your students…you won’t regret it!

5) Mini Golf

Whether you’re super competitive, or just like to spend time with your favorite people, mini golf is an everlasting favorite that never get’s old!  Want to give it a fresh feel?  Book a glow mini golf for some blacklight fun! 


Contacts us at 800-993-NEON (6366) or Send us an email to inquire or book our virtual programs and events.

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