Team Building Programs! 

With everything going on in the world lately, when would be a better time to unite and work together then now? Each of our differences can bring unique and beneficial aspects to the table that may otherwise be missing if it was not for the individuals within the team. Build A Better Team with Mike Fritz teaches skills needed for your leaders success. Apply what you learn about working together by spending time with friends to solve puzzles, competing in a game of tag, or hunting for missing items! Whether the goal is to get more students involved, to unite and build your leadership teams for the fall, or to simply have a great time together, Neon Entertainment provides team building programs that are perfect for cooperation and collaboration as well as enjoyment! Check them out below and contact your Neon agent for availability and booking! 

Escape Rooms

Games of Tag

Scavenger Hunts

Build A Better Team




Contacts us at 800-993-NEON (6366) or Send us an email to inquire or book our programs and events.

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