As the new semester begins and many people are continuing or beginning their leadership journeys, we would like to share some helpful tips from one of our Leadership and Team Building speakers, Mike Fritz.

(1) Action with without Strategy Keeps You Busy – But Doesn’t create Results

Whether you are new to leadership or a Veteran you’ve tried something before that hasn’t worked. One of the most underdeveloped principles of leadership is what success guru Tony Tobins called “success leaves clues”. There are proven strategies to lead your team and people before you have the proven the ones that work so you don’t have to waste time doing so.

The first thing we should all do as leaders when seeking to accomplish anything is see who has don’t it successfully before and follow their strategy.

If you are trying to grow strengthen your SGA and recruit new members – who has done this effectively in the past?

If you are trying to put on a successful club and organization fair – who has done this effectively in the past?

If you are trying to throw and event and get more students to attend – who has done this effectively in the past?

If you are trying to make your student actives team more effective and efficient – who has done this effectively in the past?

Follow those that have gone before you and did it well!

(2) What is your Metric for Success

One of the things that a lot of leaders don’t take time to do is clearly define what success looks like for you? If I was to walk up to you at the end of this semester and ask you “were you successful this year?” What would you have to know in order to answer that? You’d have to know my definition of success. You’ll never know if you’re growing as a leader without clearly articulating what you’re seeking to accomplish and how you measure success.

One of the greatest ways to do this is meet with your team and brainstorm what are some measurable goals you can set together as a team.

Maybe your goal is to recruit a certain number of people to your club or SGA.

Maybe your goal is to produce an event that has a certain number of people.

Maybe your goal is to run a successful service day to help human trafficking victims.

The power of setting goals as a team is you know when you need to tweak your strategies. If you never have a goal or metric for success you never know when you need to work on something and/or make it better; as well as you don’t know when to celebrate.

How do you define success for your team?

(3) What is your area of opportunity

Goals aren’t just a “team endeavor”. They are also very personal. If you’ve ever done a job interview (or plan to do one in the future) you’ve heard the question “what is your greatest weakness.” To me calling it a weakness gives your brain the opportunity to excuse the need for

growth. “I’m mean I know I didn’t show up on time, but that’s just a weakness of mine.” You have been call to something far too great to own your weakness as though you can’t change them. I like to call them “areas of opportunity.” This reason I call them this is because of the age old statement from science class “an object is only as strong as it’s weakest link.” When you look at your “weakness” as an opportunity to grow – it gets way more excited. When you strengthen that specific area you “weakest link” just got a little bit stronger and you just became a better leader.

Every single one of us have areas of opportunity that will help us become much better leaders. What is an area in your life, that if you strengthens it you would be a much more powerful leader?

Do want to work on time management?

Do you want to work on one on one communication?

Do you want to work on speaking to a group?

Do you want to work on being on time and meeting deadlines?

What is that, if you changed, could release you to be a more powerful leader?

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