We are look foreword to seeing you in Spokane, WA for the NACA Conference on November 3-5, 2022! Here’s a little bit about our exciting showcasing acts that you will see at this conference! 

The Extra Lives Live Experience is a fully narrated choose-your-own-adventure game where YOU are the main character. Audiences are plunged into an exciting story with visuals, music, footage and sound effects drawn from the legendary console games of the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s. With a live score provided by the lovable nerds of Extra Lives, this immersive feast for the imagination will transport you back to your childhood whether you grew up playing video games or not!

Biracial poet and MC, Courageous, and mental health advocate Lane Shuler deliver a show that combines poetry, comedy, and hip-hop into an energetic show that is educational and entertaining. Their topics range from diversity, social justice, depression/suicide prevention and more.

This is a game show night where the students themselves vote to decided which game show will be played! When all of the students are ready to play, a poll is put out to the students con-sisting of the game shows we offer and they vote as to which game show they would like to play on that night! The game that gets the most votes wins and is the game that will be played!

Derrick Knopsnyder is a high energy, quick witted comedian who has been entertaining people his whole life. He uses this to connect to any audience by making them part of the show, often using crowd work to keep the audience engaged and laughing throughout the night!

Lacy Roop is considered by many to be one of the most inspiring and captivating spoken word artists within the spoken word and poetry community. Lacey uses spoken word to advocate as an ally for the LGBTQ+ community. Lacey’s poems discuss gender, sexuality, marginalized voices, and women-empowerment. She focuses on soaking up and sharing the hope and magic that exist all around us every day.

Americana Country duo, Lance and Lea’s first album “There Goes My Heart,” with Grammy award winning producer, Paul Worley, garnered airplay in Nashville, the UK and Ireland. In 2019, they won the “New Artist Of The Year” award at the iHeart Radio Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards. “There Goes My Heart” was also nominated for Album Of The Year at the 2020 iHeart Radio RMCMA’s. In 2020, $16K was raised through a fan funded campaign and completed a 38 state, 80 date, four month long tour.
Their new album was released July 2022 with a 50 date Summer tour.

Sean Ridgeway is a multi-award-winning entertainer who has brought his unique blend of comedy and magic to thousands of people nationwide. His one-man show titled “Catch Me If You Can” features a highly-interactive and playful mix of stand-up comedy, sleight of hand and sleight of mind and has garnered rave reviews from corporate functions, colleges, comedy clubs and theaters.

Ryan Kelly was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where he started comedy as an improviser. He was trained at schools such as IO, Second City, UCB and Groundlings. He then ventured off to college where he wanted to try new exciting things, and thus he began his foray into performing stand-up comedy.

Check out videos from our showcasing acts below!


Extra Lives


Lacey Roop

Lance and Lea

Ryan Kelly



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