Bring a little magic to your campus with a Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed party. College students and faculty alike can step into the Wizarding World with enchanting snacks, charming costumes, and spellbinding activities. Discover how to throw the most magical party of the year with the following tips and tricks.


Food and Beverages
You may not be able to host your party in The Three Broomsticks, but you can still serve some of its delicious foods and drinks. Pass along these ideas to your food service office to create a feast fit for the Hogwarts’ Great Hall.

  • Butterbeer
    Butterbeer is the perfect drink for any wizarding party. Despite being called “beer,” Butterbeer can be easily prepared as a non-alcoholic beverage and made in large quantities ahead of time. You can serve Butterbeer as a punch or in individual mugs for a more festive look.
  • Chocolate Frogs
    You can bring a wizarding treat to life with homemade chocolate frogs. Use silicone, frog-shaped molds to shape melted chocolate, cool, and then serve. You can also add chocolate frogs to the traditional Wizarding World boxes and pass them out as goodie bags.
  • Snitch Cheese Balls
    For a savory snack, whip up a batch of Snitch-shaped cheese balls. The Golden Snitch, a small, winged Quidditch ball, can be translated to a bite-sized cheese ball with a few ingredients. For the wings, simply add small pretzel rods to the sides for each ball.


You can really transport students to the Wizarding World with themed wizarding robes. Replicas of wizarding robes can be purchased in bulk online or you can even use bathrobes or graduation gowns in a pinch. For a cheaper alternative, however, ask students to design their own robes ahead of time. Once at the party, you can have students sort themselves into one of the Hogwarts’ houses by pulling house names from a hat. From here, students can add their assigned houses to their wizarding robe costumes. You can use colored ribbons, safety pins, decorated name tags, or even custom ordered badges with the specific house crests to distinguish the different houses. There are multiple options for a variety of budgets.


No party would be complete without a few fun activities and these events are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

  • Wizard Trivia
    Test your students’ knowledge of Wizarding World facts with the Wizard Trivia Game Show. This activity is perfect for a large group and can run between 30 – 70 minutes, depending on your schedule. Plus, each game show includes a total of $200 in cash prizes for the true wizarding fans.
  • Escape Room
    Put the students to the ultimate wizarding test with the Witch’s Office or Wizard’s Study Escape Rooms. Players are first year students at a wizard’s college. They are strictly forbidden from practicing magic outside of the presence of instructors. The faculty and older students have vanished when they woke up. The students will have to investigate a witch’s office to figure out the five-word spell to learn where the faculty and older students have gone.
  • Customized T-shirts
    Your students will be able rep their Hogwarts houses by getting their very own customized T-shirt printed on-site! 
  • Custom Mugs
    Hogwarts house mugs are the perfect freebie for your students to take back to their dorm and show off their love for the wizarding world!

With the help of Neon Entertainment, hosting a Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed party is as easy as waving a wand. Contact a Neon agent today for more information on availability and booking.

Wizard Trivia

Witch’s Office and

Wizard’s Study Escape Rooms

Customized Hogwarts House T Shirts

Customized Hogwarts House Mugs




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