4 Great Team Building Programs 

Building strong teams on college campuses is essential for effective leadership and creating a vibrant campus community. By utilizing team-building programs, such as “Build a Better Team” presented by Mike Fritz, Escape Rooms, The Survey Game Show, and Games of Tag, college students can develop crucial skills while fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

“Build a Better Team” presented by Mike Fritz is a transformative program designed to empower student leaders to work cohesively as a unified team. By understanding how people think, why they follow certain leaders, and what creates loyalty, students gain the foundational skills needed to prioritize team success. Through interactive experiences, participants learn how to develop, empower, and structure their teams effectively, resulting in improved event production, a safer campus environment, and increased engagement in campus life.

Neon Entertainment’s Escape Rooms offer a thrilling and immersive team-building experience. Participants work together in groups to solve challenging puzzles and find clues to escape the room within a given time frame. With themes like Zombie, Museum, CSI, and Secret Society, students are engaged in a fun and collaborative activity that encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.

The Survey Game Show is an inclusive and exciting team-building activity. Participants do not require sign-ups and can join in the fun simply by attending the event. The game consists of multiple rounds, providing numerous opportunities to win. This interactive show promotes engagement, friendly competition, and a sense of community among students.

Games of Tag are a classic team-building activity that encourages students to participate and engage with one another. Whether played indoors or outdoors, these games foster teamwork, coordination, and strategic thinking. The inclusive nature of the game ensures that all students can join in the fun and build connections with their peers.

Team building plays a crucial role in creating a positive and collaborative environment on college campuses. All of these programs provide engaging opportunities for students to develop essential teamwork skills. By participating in these activities, students gain valuable experiences in problem-solving, communication, and unity, enhancing their leadership abilities and contributing to a vibrant and cohesive campus community. 

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Escape Rooms

Games of Tag

The Survey Game Show

Build A Better Team




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