Artist Survey

We recognize that the past five months have been a whirlwind of unknown territory for everyone.  Especially when your art depends on a live audience.  We would like more information on where you all stand on ability/willingness to perform in-person etc.   We also know you may have some questions for us.  So here are some FAQ:

Q: What are we seeing with our clients?

A: Many campuses are attempting to book in-person events.  However, we have added clauses to all of our contracts that state that in-person events can be changed to virtual or rescheduled for a later date within the year.  These clauses protect both the purchaser AND the artist.  Other campuses are going directly to events that are strictly virtual due to their campus guidelines not allowing anyone that isn’t a student or staff on campus.  

Q: What kind of budgets are the schools working with?

A: Student activities and other budgets for campus programming are seeing some significant restrictions and many campuses have come to us asking what we can do to help support these budget changes.  When submitting a virtual price to us, please take this into consideration.


Artist Survey

This form has been created in order for the agency to have a better understanding on where each of the artists stand on in-person performing and virtual performing while we continue to navigate through the effects of COVID-19

  • The following choices are largely based on your willingness, but also on the ability of each client to have you on-campus. While we recognize that, as live performers, in-person events are preferred, we are also at the mercy of guidelines set by each state's governments and campus decision makers.
  • If you are willing to perform virtually, what would your performance look like? (ie: What format would you use? What is your plan?)
  • If willing to perform virtually, what would you charge (not including agency commission) for a virtual performance?
  • Please feel free to share any additional info or feedback you may feel it is important for us to know. (ie: Only available in the evenings due to a newly acquired day job).