Choose from a variety of holiday entertainment below and create your perfect holiday programming schedule for your campus! From in-person, to live-streamed or a little bit of both, we’ve got something for every campus! 

Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition

“Last nights event went great! I think the host said there were close to 200 students which is a great turnout. My e-board and I have been discussing bringing [Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition] back again because of how great it was”

— Western Connecticut State University


All of the same Bingo rules apply except with Jingle Bingo, instead of numbers being called out, your favorite holiday songs are played and participants have to know who sings those songs, and if they do, they mark off that artist on their bingo card on their mobile device!  When they mark a winning combination, they yell “Jingle Bingo,” and wait for the host to check their card to declare them a winner.  There are multiple Jingle Bingo games played in each game, giving participants multiple chances to win the cash prizes!

Game Shows

“It went great! The students loved the event and both Adam and the virtual host were very engaging with the audience. Thank you so much for your help!”

— Gabby, Sage College


Do you think you have what it takes to be the all time most festive!? Put your Holiday knowledge to the test with our merriest virtual game,  Holiday Trivia!  

Participants compete in a multiple-choice trivia competition that will test your knowledge of what is fact or fiction about the holiday season! Participants watch our professional comedian host on a live stream from their computer or tablet and then answer the questions on their phonesWhoever scores the most points by the end of each round wins! 

Every Holiday Trivia game includes four chances to win! Find out if you can claim bragging rights as the most merry!  



DIY Programs

“[The Lucky Bamboo] went super well! Everyone loved it so much!

— Connor Shearer, Penn State University – Behrend


Try one of our most unique events yet!  Our zlippers are a classic slipper with a zip-off interchangeable top. Participants get to choose from a variety of designs and color them to their liking.  What a fun spin on a cozy favorite!    


-Zlipper bottoms and interchangeable tops 

-Fabric markers 

Virtual Programs

“[Paint Social] was such an awesome event! Lindsey is an amazing instructor. I appreciated how she went out of her way to create an option for a Chicago skyline.”

— Rigo Gutierrez, DePaul University


Live from the North Pole; Santa comes right to  your Virtual platform to bring you a one of a kind magical Holiday Experience! You and your guests can speak to Santa one on one as he updates you on the North Pole, tells you some stories and learns what you want for Christmas! We can even create a one of a kind Big Head Cartoon Caricature of you with the Jolly one as our Live Drumming DJ plays all the Holiday Classics! You even get a Video Download of the Experience to keep forever!


Virtual Paint Social

“The Virtual Paint Social went great! Lindsey was a very fun host and extremely patient with us. We could not of have a better virtual painting experience!”

— Cathy Ong, Adnant, LLC


Holiday Paint Social combines fun, creativity and encouragement into one event! Choose the winter/holiday themed painting you would like, set a date and your host ships all of the materials to you. Individually wrapped painting supplies will be shipped to you to distribute to each participant, including paint, brushes and canvases. Participants will follow our live-streamed paint class to create their very own artwork from wherever they are! Your host guides the participants through the experience.

Choose from one of our holiday design options or ask your agent about custom designs for your community. 

Virtual Show Biz Quiz

Virtual Programs

“[Paint Social] was such an awesome event! Lindsey is an amazing instructor. I appreciated how she went out of her way to create an option for a Chicago skyline.”

— Rigo Gutierrez, DePaul University


Celebrate the Holiday season in style with The Santa Band!  The band features 6 professional musicians dressed in full Santa regalia playing upbeat and rocking versions of some of your favorite Holiday songs - Santa Claus in Coming to Town, Feliz Navidad, Jingle Bell Rock and many more! The Santa Band is available in person or virtually - the perfect musical touch to your Holiday events!


Make & Takes

“The program went amazing! The students and staff both enjoyed both [The Staff] and the Natural Healing Event. It was Epic!!!”

— Mynetta Brower, Cuyahoga Community College


With these personalized holiday ornaments participants can make a traditional decoration completely unique.  Whether they choose to make a memento for themselves or a gift for someone special in their lives, it's sure to be a special event they will never forget!  Ornament & other make & take events can be booked with a live virtual designer or as a virtual marketplace where participants complete a customized form with their info and upload their image of choice and then our designers will create all orders and ship them within 10-14 business days.


Virtual Show Biz Quiz


“Everything went great! [Lance and Lea] were awesome to work with and the crowd enjoyed it!”

— Jordan Blad, Brigham Young University


A fun spin on our "Unplugged Karaoke" this show is your chance to take the virtual stage with a live band and show your stuff! Participants can choose a song from our extensive list of holiday hits and classic favorites.  ‘Virtual Live Band Holiday Carol-oke’ features an acoustic trio.  

When the show is booked, we will send you the links to send out to your audience. Participants log on to a video feed using their computer or tablet to watch our professional musicians host the Carol-oke on their screen. 

All song choices and song lyrics will be available on participants’ mobile devices via a link, and our host will guide them through the experience.  Show your knowledge of all the holiday favorites with 'Virtual Live Band Holiday Carol-oke!" 


Virtual Show Biz Quiz


“Last night’s show went great and the fact that I.N.K. made their show so interactive was a big hit for our students. (I loved the poem we worked on as an audience in particular.)”

— Northern Vermont University


Are you ready to put an exciting “wrap” on the end of your fall semester?  

Book I.N.K.’s Virtual Wrap Battle! 

In this live streamed interactive event, spoken word poets Courageous & Lane Shuler of I.N.K. deliver their acclaimed virtual poetry show, while also showing you how to get those gifts wrapped and ready for the family in a flash. 

This event will feature all of their hit virtual crowd games with a holiday twist-

  • A Holiday themed hip hop freestyle session where I.N.K. make up a new rap in real time using word suggestions given to them over chat.
  • A community poem that lets the students write one line each of their school’s very own version of “The Night Before Christmas”
  • A competition that will pit student vs. student to see who the best and most creative wrapper on campus is!

Bring tape, scissors, wrapping paper, and egg nog and party with I.N.K.  Don’t wait until the last minute, take a break from the end of semester stress with a merry night of wrapping and rapping!

Virtual Escape Rooms

“Our event was amazing! People loved the dodgeball, bazooka ball, and especially the escape rooms. We had more than 200 students in attendance and people stayed around for a bit to try all of the activities. Thank you for all of your help in setting up this event!”

— Mallory Ostrander, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Snooze...  Snooze...  Snooze... 

OMG YOU SLEPT IN!  Like really late.

The big holiday dinner is in an hour, and you were stuck with a list of everything that has to be done before the guests arrive.  From cleaning to food prep to some last minute phone calls, there is so much to do to get ready!  And NOTHING is where you expect it to be.  Get moving!  Your family and friends are counting on your to pull this off!  You have assembled a few of your closest (and most awake) friends to help you.  Can you get everything done before dinner is out of the oven?

Late For The Holidays is a 3D virtual escape room puzzle with a holiday theme.  Players solve puzzles to get their holiday to do list completed within 60 minutes before guests are going to arrive.  You'll need to work fast and work with your teammates to figure things out.  It isn't going to be easy and you're still a little tired...

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