Trending Interactive – Monday, February 14

Price SD: $2,925 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 3 of 5: $2,525 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 5 of 7: $2,225 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price Virtual: $1,575

For as long as comedians have told stories, audiences have wondered, “Did that really happen?!?” 
“Truth or Laughs?” is a virtual, interactive comedy show where you can win real money. It takes the audience behind-the-scenes of funny stories with hilarious reveals. 
Hosted by New York City comedy couple Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim, “Truth or Laughs?” is an hour-long show composed of three rounds.


Game-A-Palooza – Tuesday, February 15 

Price SD: $2,175 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 3 of 5: $1,975 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 5 of 7: $1,875 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price Virtual: $1,675

Neon Entertainment’s most popular game show is an exciting, quick-paced competition combining comedy and pop-culture trivia. Much more than your average game show, our professional comedian hosts make this experience truly one of a kind. With four rounds of name that tune style trivia about music, movies and television, everyone has a chance to win FREE MONEY!Using cutting-edge technology, players respond in real-time using their phone as their game controller! Don’t let those trivia skills fall by the wayside! Play the FREE MONEY Game Show today!


Emcee Showcase – Tuesday, February 15

Price SD: $2,025 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 3 of 5: $1,825 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 5 of 7: $1,625 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price Virtual: $1,000

With over 10 years of experience, Lady Caress impacts youth and adult audiences as both a poet and public speaker. Known for fusing poetry with comedy, music, beat boxing and storytelling, she has been featured on Season 4 of Verses and Flow and the BET 365 Black Awards. As a National Poetry Champion, Lady Caress has coached collegiate students in competitive Poetry and Prose performance pieces in addition to designing and executing public speaking and poetry workshops for Upward Bound, YMCA, and S.T.A.R.S. She has graced the stages at festivals, churches, special events, and venues such as Bus Boys and Poets in Washington D.C., Love Jonz Spoken Jazz Set in Dallas, TX and took home 1st place twice at the Jacksonville, FL Amateur Night. Lady Caress continues to gain fans and supporters as not only a dynamic performer but as the future of Spoken Word.


Spotlight Alternate

Price SD: $1,475 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 3 of 5: $1,375 + Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 5 of 7: $1,275 + Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price Virtual: $1,150

Ebo Barton is a Black and Filipino, Transgender and Non-Binary, poet and educator. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington by way of Los Angeles, California. As a representative of Seattle, they’ve been on 4 National Slam Teams and participated at 3 Individual World Poetry Slams. Their most notable poetry slam accolade is placing 5th in the world in 2016. Ebo curated and directed, How to Love THIS Queer Body of Color: An Unapology and wrote and directed the award-winning play, Rising Up. They are a cast member of Anastacia Renee‘s Queer. Mama. Crossroads. You may have seen Ebo’s work in McSweeney’s “Black Imagination” curated by Natasha Marin, Thriving While Trans: A Love Manual, the Seattle King County Metro, SlamFind, Write About Now, Button Poetry and All Def Poetry. They and their work have been featured in Seattle Weekly, Seattle Gay News, NPR and Their work touches on political issues from a personal point of view and often is birthed from the struggles of living in the identities that they are. Ebo believes in the power of language and art as a tool for revolution.


Spotlight Alternate 

Price SD: $1,825 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 3 of 5: $1,625 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price 5 of 7: $1,525 + Travel, Lodging, Lights, Sound, Meals
Price Virtual: $950

Making his television debut on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Alingon finished first in the public vote 5 weeks in a row to win the comic comeback contest and perform on the finale. He has since been invited to do stand up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Conan, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central. In addition, he wrote for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Adam Ruins Everything. Alingon went on to be named one of the “New Faces of Comedy” at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. He also won both the Boston Comedy Festival and the “Funniest Comic in New England” contest in the same year. Alingon was a writer for the humor magazine The Harvard Lampoon and can now be found on TikTok, on Facebook, or in bed.

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