Student Success Series

Let’s face it, your students need more than they are getting at New Student Orientation or in their courses.  They need continued development to build their commitment, competence, clarity, and confidence to make the most of their education and overall college experience. The Collegiate Empowerment Student Success Series brings your students a customized sequence of personal development sessions to meet the unique needs of your campus community.  You pick the topics and CE will provide a series of high energy, interactive, engaging, and fun sessions using CE’s powerful coaching tools that have been empowering students and professionals for over 25 years.  

*On-campus or Zoom options are available.

Student Success Topics

1.       Mental Health & Well Being- Mental health challenges are a leading obstacle facing today’s college students and are associated with a lower GPA and higher probability of dropping out of school.  In this session, Collegiate Empowerment will introduce tools to develop an empowered mindset and help students discover strategies to overcome mental health challenges and transform obstacles into opportunities. 

2.       Grit & Resilience- In this highly engaging and relevant educational session, we expose students to what it truly takes to not only survive college but to thrive. This session will provide students with the tools they need to increase their own personal resiliency, tenacity, and perseverance for success all the way through graduation and beyond. 

3.       Financial Education- This session cuts through the jargon of financial literacy and keeps it simple and fun delivering real life examples with practical follow-up actions to improve your financial education and outlook. Discover that becoming wealthy is more than just money. It’s a mindset and it’s about creating a wealthy life! 

4.       Time Management- There is one thing in this world that does not discriminate: time. This session teaches students to view time as their property and to invest time to their best advantage.  Students will walk away with insights and tools to recognize what is truly important and take back control of their calendar.

5.       Leadership- How do you get other people to want to follow you, move toward a common purpose, get people to feel energized to work together and get things done that everyone can feel proud of?  In this session, students will learn the practices of great leadership and how each student can transform into a more successful leader.  They will develop the tools they can put into practice immediately, so they can make an impact within their organizations and throughout campus.

6.       Vision &  Goals- This session focuses on the individual leader and taps into their power of personal vision.  Participants will discover their vision that will keep them inspired to set fascinating goals.  They will define personal and empowering beliefs to overcome obstacles along the journey.  Students will walk away with an action plan to commit 100% to their vision. 

7.       Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)-  This session takes a unique, conversational approach and brings participants on a journey that challenges what they know about DEI.  This session is not just about diversity and social justice.  It is the start of a much bigger conversation about what it means to be a human being, make connections, and celebrate one another’s individuality and identity.

8.       Communication & Teamwork:  What makes a team work? Communication. And what makes communication work? The team. This session will change the way you work with each other…forever.  This session takes participants through each step of the process in four easily-digested parts—communication, cooperation, collaboration, and synergy.  Participants will get the chance to practice their communication & teamwork skills through games and exercises, as they build habits of better communicators. 

9.   Conflict Resolution- Most of us don’t understand conflict, and more so, we just hate dealing with it. If you want to change the way you or your organization deals with conflict, it starts with learning about why conflict happens, discovering your own conflict management style, and understanding how to deal with conflict. During this experience, we will discuss the myths, stereotypes, and fears about conflict. Students will then gain relevant and ready-to-use tools that they can put into practice.

10.   Core Genius- When you are good at everything, you are genius at NOTHING. At the same time, people are not motivated to do the things they suck at.  In this session, participants will explore and discover where their Genius lies and develop an optimal performance strategy based upon their individual Genius Profile.

11.   Strengths Development- The word “Strengths” is the buzzword today in American Higher Education. This seminar experience examines the philosophy and benefits of maximizing your strengths and unleashing your full potential.

12.   Good Relationships-  We can all agree that good relationships are better than bad ones.  In this session, we empower students to cultivate positive and healthy relationships. Through discussion and activities, the participants will develop the tools they need to transform the relationships in their lives and their campus community.

Student Success Series


About Collegiate Empowerment

We are typical speakers that talk down to your students during low-energy, noninteractive, disengaging, and boring seminars while standing behind a podium and reading the slides. On top of it, we ensure that everything is high-maintenance, high-cost, and low quality.  🙂

Just kidding! Think of the worst lecture you’ve ever seen…we do the opposite!

Face it: most podium speakers are boring and most lectures suck. You know it’s true and so do we. That’s why we do what we do. We are Collegiate Empowerment.

WHO WE ARE. Collegiate Empowerment is a nonprofit, for-purpose educational production company hell-bent on Helping College Students and Professionals Get What They Want & Need. We are not a speakers agency. We are a dynamic team of educational performers, artists, and educators on a mission to do great work for you and your students. We’re here to make your job easier and to help you look like a hero to the members of your campus community.

WHAT WE DO. Collegiate Empowerment is home to a series of national best-selling educational productions perfect for the first-year experience and student leadership development focused on What Every College Student Needs to Know®. Our curriculum is research-driven, grounded in practicality, and easy to apply. Our diverse, relatable, and ever-growing team co-creates, customizes, and facilitates high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun shows, seminars, conferences, and retreats. Events range from NSO shows to empowering seminars, from weekend leadership development retreats to multi-year consulting partnerships. We deliver on stage, online, in large groups up to 2,400 and small groups of just five participants, during one-to-one professional coaching, through our podcasts, and via our published books and articles.

OUR TRACK RECORD. We’ve got one heck of a track record. Since 1995, the Collegiate Empowerment Squad has empowered over 2 million students and 50,000 Higher Ed pros at more than 3,000 campuses during 5,000+ events. We’ve also been featured in hundreds of national media outlets including The Chronicle of Higher Education, NASPA, CNN, Oprah’s O Magazine, and SPIN Magazine.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE WORKING WITH US. We create educational experiences that Higher Education Professionals know and trust, delivered in a context that students can relate to at a price your campus can afford. (All of our fees are published online for full transparency!) Best of all: if your students don’t like it, your school doesn’t pay for it! (How cool is that?!)

Don’t you wish everything in life was guaranteed?

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU. So, if you are looking to provide your students with some of the best educational programming available in the US Higher Education market and more than just some motivational speaker to empower your campus community, then be certain to check out Collegiate Empowerment. If you HATE lectures, you’ll LOVE this! It’s kind of like fireworks: we can explain it to you with words, but once you experience us live, you’ll really get it. Check us out!

“Collegiate Empowerment offers professional staff and students equal levels of support in getting the job done well. You facilitate the challenge-by-choice very well and leads people down the path to finding their own answers.”

— Anna Droste-Glowinski, Director of Student Life and Development
Ivy Tech Community College

“This is absolutely worth the time. Students were engaged the whole time, the experience was positive, and it was high-energy.”

— Jenni Spangenberg, Assistant Director for Residence Life
Assistant Dean of Alcohol and Other Drugs office
University of Miami

“Powerful! Being an educator for over 10 years, I haven’t experienced anything like this that had the energy level and clarity compared to any other event. The students knew where it was going and exactly what to do with it immediately and in the long run.”

— Lexer Chou, Student Life Coordinator
Leeward Community College, University of Hawaii

“We’ve worked with Collegiate Empowerment for the past 3 years for our Student Organization Conference for a morning keynote, lunchtime energizer, and closing. They are extremely easy to work with and have a a ton of ideas, but they’re also very, very interested to hear what it is you’re hoping to get out of the day. Collegiate Empowerment is truly interested in customizing their presentations to be in line with the goals you have.”

— Patrick Wallace, Associate Director of the Campus Center
Rutgers University – Camden

“Collegiate Empowerment offers a new perspective on leadership and student development that really helps to expand the creation of opportunities for students at our institution. They’re serving us while we’re serving our students.”

— Kristie Crumley, Director of Student Life
Carroll Community College