Wh Our Virtual Mysteries provide a one-of-a-kind online experience where participants will interact with live suspects, hoping to successfully solve the crime. Take a look at all of our virtual themes for your next Murder Mystery event!


For the past decade, professional champion Holin Wunn had dominated golf tournaments. Yet, Birdie Bigelow, the undisputed women’s regional champ, had repeatedly issued a challenge to Wunn. She proclaimed that Wunn’s stance to keep women out of men’s tournaments was more the result of fear than fact. Wunn finally agreed to a match and the date was set. After 17 holes, Wunn was one up. That’s when it became dead-even. As Wunn teed up for the 18th hole, a silence fell over the crowd. Just as his driver reached the zenith of its arc, Wunn released the club. His eyes rolled back in their sockets and he collapsed. At first, observers feared a medical problem, but the police thought otherwise.


He was called Evil-Eyed Emile. When he stared at people with his infamous right eye, bad things happened. One hundred years ago, when he was driven out of town, Emil vowed to return to seek revenge on all citizens and their descendants for having been banned from the town. Last night, someone ran into the town square shouting that Emil had been sighted in the woods and had claimed his first revenge. The victim was Grimsby Graves, whose ancestors had ruled Reaper Junction for generations. Can Emil be charged? Can a fair jury be found? Or is there something at work that may be more sinister?


The Petulant Express, the new streamlined train owned by industrial giant Peter Petulant, was one of the marvels of 1937 whose journey between New York City and Chicago attracted a passenger list of the rich and famous. On the last morning of this journey when the porter was delivering a breakfast tray, he found Petulant’s dead body.

With a world poised on the brink of war, who would dare trounce a titan of technology, especially one with the foresight and connections of Petulant? Where would the trail lead that would eventually end up at the feet of a killer?


Winnie Waheli, once known as the Hula Honcho, was the head judge at the annual hula contest on Kikiwai Beach, Hawaii. Last night was to be the night that Winnie and the hula extravaganza would once again make headlines. However, this morning, her lifeless body was found on the very beach where she had achieved both fame and fortune, the seeming victim of foul play. Could someone have plotted the death of the acclaimed diva and expect to get away with it? Or, was this just the sad result of a jealous impulse by an irritated associate?

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