The world has been overjoyed to return to “normal.” Many young people have especially been rushing back to restaurants, concerts, and festivals, excited and ready to hear the music, feel the energy and get back to the vibe of connecting with other like-minded people, enjoying good food, music, and drinks together. While we all rush back to the fun and feeling of human connection, we can’t forget to feed our mental health. The youth, in particular, were hit incredibly hard, especially during the first year of the pandemic, so it’s vital that they take extra care in nurturing good habits and their mental health as they return to “normal”, whatever that may mean.

For teenagers, college students, and young adults, the human and emotional disconnect created by the pandemics’ social distancing and stay-at-home orders, caused a surge in depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, help-line calls, and a general decline in mental health. Many young adults missed out on major milestones like graduation ceremonies, dances, promotions, and entertainment events that are cultural era markers and pseudo-rights-of-passages for many.

So, as the proverbial doors have been opened and we return to the outside, large gatherings, and events, follow these three tips to nurture your mental health as we get back to everything we’ve missed.

Take time for your mental health. Do things that encourage self-reflection, calm, and releasing negative energy, or any pinned-up emotions. The lockdowns and distancing forced many of us to hold a lot in, a lot of pressure, stress, thoughts, and emotions, so find activities that allow for mindfulness and a release.

Try things like:

  • On your own or using apps like the Calm app.
  • Meditative coloring books or try our coloring your own totes with our Color Totes Program.
  • Mindful practices while doing daily tasks like washing dishes, clothes, or other house chores.

 Take time for your physical health. Stress not only overwhelms our minds, but they create stress, pressure, and distress physically. And we tend to forget that our minds and bodies are connected, so neglecting one will subsequently affect the other.

Taking 20 to 30 minutes daily for physical activity will help significantly.

 Try these activities:

  • Daily walks. Maybe in the morning or to close out the evening or walk with a pet, child, partner, or solo.
  • Weight/resistance/calisthenic training. If you aren’t big in the gym, you can always try a good, quick full-body workout. Try working out with entertainment with Beat”Boxing”.
  • HIIT training. These quick 15 to 30-minute workouts will get the heart going, blood flowing, and break an awesome sweat. 
  • Yoga, dynamic stretching, etc. Low impact activity still improves blood flow, body movement, and overall health and wellness. Try some yoga while enjoying calming, live music with Two Deep Breaths.

Take time for yourself – and disconnect. Turn off the phones and take at least 30 minutes a day to focus on yourself. Quiet time is recommended as humans need time to let their minds rest, wander, empty themselves, and think. We have so much going on, the algorithm is feeding us constantly, and we actually absorb more information than we can handle, so time to disconnect is the best thing for our mental health. Time alone to rest, meditate or read a book – a physical book and not a digital book.

It’s great to get back to normal, see our friends, get back to work, our studies, our careers, and dreams, but one good thing the pandemic had was the chance to step back and take a break, some alone time – although it was a bit too much. So, by following these three vital tips, you’ll be able to pick up like you never left while also maintaining your happiness, peace, and mental health.

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